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How To Build Effects – 12 minute instructional video


anyone know any battery packs that’ll work with zoia?
checked the compatibility list but they all seem to be wall power supplies.


It’s a standard 9V guitar pedal adapter. 300 mA or whatever. Hack it to your liking.


gotcha :+1:t3:


After having sold all my eurorack last year due to finances, its bananas :banana: :banana: to think how powerful the zoia is for €550. my rack cost about 3.5k n was nowhere near as flexible. not to mention the portability factor. really lookin forward to this.


Just out is a new one from Pedaltrain the Volto 3 it’s 9 V.


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nice one :slight_smile:
I ended up goin for a harley benton powerplant powerbank. some reviews say its a bit noisy so we shall see. it’ll do nicely for starters in any case being only €40 eurobeans.


I hate you…Deeply…Ordered ! :stuck_out_tongue:


What is “IG”?




Which IG? I didn’t see it on their page. Was it on a story that expired? GAAAH!!! Yay!


In the comments. People naturally just started throwing out requests and these were confirmed. Haven’t seen wavefolder confirmed yet :crossed_fingers:

I t hink the Koma Strom Mobile is interesting. I’m def interested in something portable as I plan to use this with my Field Recorder…

Speaking of: anyone know anything about the types of inputs/ outputs these are? I’m assuming balanced but maybe they do funky things too like Strymon…


I passed this on to another forum and Empress chose to reply there:

“Yes, these are features I’m excited about, but they will take time.”

In response to a complaint about lack of MIDI clock.

“That is one module that slipped our mind, but it will be pretty simple to add MIDI clock in and MIDI clock out.”

In response to a complaint about not being able to access the Empress support forum in order to submit Zoia feature requests:

" Sorry for the hassle. Email support@empresseffects.com about it or sign up again at https://empresseffects.wufoo.com/forms/join-the-empress-new-features-voting-forum/"


I’m suprised midi clock slipped their mind considering the extensive range of modules they’ve already implemented.
id imagine that’ll be fairly high on their list now.
thanks for relaying the info :+1:t3:


The lowest hanging fruit is the most likely to make a next software release and MIDI clock sounds like low hanging fruit for them.


Cool. I’m curious: which one?

I appreciate their being upfront. There was never radio silence when asked about it delays nd my guess is that this thing had a ton of bugs that needed ironing out and it will be shipped with a solid OS (no small feat). Stands in stark contrast to how some other companies approach these things.

As always, RTFM: “Here you can adjust the ZOIA’s input headroom. The default setting is -6dB. If you hear any clipping distortion when feeding your ZOIA a hot signal, you can set the pad to -12dB. If you have a quiet signal and you’d like to increase your signal-to-noise ratio you can select 0dB. Note that the input pad setting affects both inputs.”

BTW that control port has wicked potential.


The Gear Page’s Effects forum. This should be the permalink to Empress’s post. Just discovered the permalink feature, lol.


Ah yes. Totally forgot about that forum. Good shout.