Empress Zoia


They do seem to get cut, unfortunately. Haven’t tried to send program changes to Change patches yet, but it is possible. I just wonder how fast it is and if it sounds good or rather abrupt.


I remember Cuckoo and Steve talking about it in NAMM '18 vid. He said allowing trails was possible - if I understood him correctly - but he didn’t seem too enthused about doing anything about. From what I’ve seen in other videos PCs are instantaneous.

I’m curious: are there FX boxes where no tails are cut on a patch change? AFAIK, all FX I’ve worked with cut the sound when changing patches/presets.


All I see for now on patchstorage.com are just factory presets… That’s still a lot to play with and learn, but I can’t wait to see what people will come with that wonder box :grinning:

PS: as a fan of Blade Runner 2049 I can’t be more amazed by the Plaything preset, sounds so good !


Folks, it’s here… sitting on my desk. Taunting my peripheral vision while I “work.”


I only asked as this is ‘modern tech’
I like how delays go weird on digitakt when changing pattern with different time settings.


So doing some digging on portable power (really want to use it to process field recordings in real time):

Mixed reviews on the old version of this one, especially when introducing a digital pedal (the website states it was not designed for them). Though that’s from people using multiple pedals (ie tone chasers).

Also found a lot of feedback on the noise, again especially when introducing digital.

I wonder if one of these simple Ripcords on my powerbank will do the trick.


on yesterdays sonic state stream he had the ripcords , powering an analog 4/rytm from a usb power brick.
it seemed fine.


Ive cancelled the Benton n ordered a pair of ripcords. For my OT and ill test it with the Zoia when it arrives.


Thanks! Go team! Did you order the 6V? Will that work for the Zoia (electricity is a mind muddle)?

Dauhm. I will have to check that out.


The zoia is 9v centre negative :+1:


Right but the OT is 6V. Did you order a 9V rip cord? Will it work on both?

Sorry. Green to this electricity game.


Octatrack is 12v.
i ordered both a 9v negative, and a 12v ripcord.

9 for the zoia. 12 for the OT :wink:



My OT MKI is 6V :man_shrugging: will the 9V work on it? Or does one not simply mix voltages?


Ah soorry i was talkin about OTMK2. It didnt even occur to me they might have different power requirements. Wasnt thinkin.

Theres a 6v positive Ripcord. Id assume that’d work with your OT mk1 but im not certain tbh. maybe someone else can chime in. Or email em to make sure.


Ofc but I was only curious if one can use a 9V rip cord on a 6V unit.


First impressions:

This is more of a “first demo” than “impression”… I only had about 90 mins with it yesterday before I had to do some other stuff. This evening is full of free time, so I hope to dig a bit deeper.

Okay - I didn’t pull out my sax, but I plugged my OP-1 in to mess with presets. There’s some killer stuff in there! A lot of it is showing off what’s possible rather than giving you a ton of out-of-the-box stage-ready presets, but there are some patches that are definitely immediately usable. I’m digging the very nice modulated delay/reverb patches. I really like the weird 3 looper one for texture stuff. It’s more of a texture sampler than looper.

I did quickly create a delay/reverb patch on my own with envelope follower for delay time modulation. Thankfully, I had watched several videos (thanks, @cuckoomusic !), so I had a good sense of it. I highly recommend having the module list in front of you. At least for me, it can be a lot to keep in your mind’s eye when you’re trying to remember what module does the specific thing you know to be possible.

Can’t wait to dive in more tonight! I hope to test the pitch follower with the horn. If I get something usable, I’ll make a really bad, quick video.


Yea i get ya. i just dont know, but id doubt it.


Never ever try to put higher voltage into a device than specified!

You never know if the electronics inside are safeguarded against it or if you fry/destroy it.


Just to check in, I ordered through Prymaxe and it arrived yesterday. No problems.

Has anyone tested that Ripcord with Zoia yet? I realized I need a power solution and that looks like the most convenient for all situations.


Spent all day with this running in a feedback loop with the digitone (Z->DTinput, DT->Zinput) , with both boxes sending and receiving midi and it was glorious. There is so much space to explore with this tiny little box, just barely scratching the surface.