Email spam – anyone know how to block?

Hey all, bit of a random question that i’ve tried googling but have found no solution as yet…

I’m currently getting quite a lot of spam emails from the same spammers (style is the same) but each is sent from a randomly generated email addresses so i can’t block them. However, the clickable images inside these emails are all hosted on the same server, so is it possible to use filters to block emails containing URLs, either with Apple Mail’s Rules feature or at the Yahoo end with their filters? I’ve tried a few rules but the spam still gets through.

It’s not a huge problem but it’s annoying and i feel there’s a simple solution somewhere. Any help appreciated!

Not sure how to do it with Apple Mail or Yahoo, but if you suspect it’s spam do not open it.

Those images track successful hits.

The less you open them the less they send them out.

Hopefully someone can help with Yahoo/Apple Client rules.

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Get a Digitone.


Yep, not opened them. Hovering over them reveals the host URL though, and although the URLs are mostly nonsense strings, they contain the same host server name, and it’s this i’m wanting to use with a filter somehow.

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I get this reference


My email seems to have suddenly gone absolutely bonkers - looks like it might be part of that recent FB data dump.

Anyone else?

Had a client get hacked today and sent ransomware to their entire contact list.

Friendly reminder to all, be careful when clicking links in email.