Elektronos Vol. 1


Sound Pack for Analog Four

With nimble fingers, Swedish philosopher and sound designer Rainer Öhman has delved deep into his Analog Four and conjured up a collection of 130 lush, dreamy, and sometimes ghostly pads, basses, and leads that will take you right into Carpenter territory. Whether you want to to do a cover of the Stranger Things theme or just need layers of shimmer and shine to take your track to the next level, Elektronos Vol. 1 is just what you need!

Download free demo and purchase Elektronos Vol. 1 at [Elektron.se](http://www.elektron.se/soundpacks/elektronos-vol-1/)


Wrong cover


I was about to post the same … :slight_smile:


Beautiful sound demos!


Listen to a short snippet of every sound in the pack at https://soundcloud.com/ray-man