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Some time ago I read a thread about bandcamp fridays, and somebody mentioned we should support each other by buying each others music.
I thought that maybe first we can support each other by listening to each others music :slight_smile: and who knows, what happens more when you hear something you really like…

So a while ago I created a soundcloud account for an elektronauts radio, that has playlists of all soundcloud links posted in the “share your tunes” thread. I mainly did this for myself (to listen to when I’m at work), but why not share this for all of us having easy listening acces to elektronauts home brews (or studio finest…)

Here is a quote of my post in the “share your tunes” thread, that explains my thinking and how I make the playlists…


Nice, thanks!

great idea…thank you.

I was listening to it yesterday. All good, interesting stuff. Lot of talented people here.

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Let’s keep this up towards the top. Don’t forget about it.


Wow, this playlist is awesome! Congrats to all of you (us!). :smiley:


Elektronauts Radio on soundcloud is updated. the share your tunes playlists are up to date, and there are new playlists for the battles and livesets.

until now, I didn’t share the live sets, or anything longer than 15 minutes. But now there is a playlist :slight_smile:
So if you want to share a liveset, or shared one before and want to add it to the playlist, send a message to the soundcloud profile and I will add it.

Elektronauts radio is still alive :slight_smile: share your tunes and listen to other’s tunes and support each other



I added the recent battles:

Open battles:

Open battle #2: “Buchlaed”

Open battle #3: “Collabed”

Hip-hop beat battles:

Hip-hop beat battle #1

Hip-hop beat battle #2: “Escape from NY”

Hip-hop beat battle #3: “Vocal”


Don’t hesitate to hit Elektronauts Radio with a PM on Soundcloud that gives a link to your track!


Oh cool is is a really nice concept, don’t know how I missed this before. Now I just have to make a track!

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