Elektronauts in Montreal?


I would love to come hang out with Montreal Elektronauts.

Most of my favorite music came from there. I don’t know how y’all do it


Addendum: that was I would love to as I am unable to


Montrealer here. Check this out:
https://www.facebook.com/events/2232843537044388/ :wink:


Yeah I know about this one, can’t make it though starting a new job the very next day


Yeah, similar situation on my side, although I may try to catch the beginning of it!

I organize electronic outdoor park jams around town with friends in summertime. I can let you know when we do one if you wanna try joining sometime (with battery gizmos or a battery pack… there’s nothing like banging an analog rytm under the sun :wink: )

PM me and we can connect on facebook!


Im from Quebec city, about 2h30 hours from Mtl. Would love to meet some elektronauts if i can make it to Mtl at the good time :slight_smile:


Sounds good!
I might need to get a battery pack though :slight_smile:


@sovietpop Doing an elektron live perf at La Cuisine next august :smiley:. We can try to meet up! (Didn’t know any elektron heads when I was living in Québec!)


@khaled Do you go to modular mondays at eastern bloc? Haven’t been there a lot yet but there seems to be quite a few elektron users there too.


Sure that would be great :slight_smile: ! Just let me know when and i’ll try to be there unless im out of town.


Never been, but I keep hearing great things about modular mondays


Will do!


I’ll let you know if I go again, good excuse to meetup and geek around music :wink: