Elektronauts in Montreal?


Anybody in the area interested in meeting up for jam or workshop type event?

Québec elektronauts

not in Montreal, but if you’re really AT I’ll get there! :wink:


I would be interested, though that would be mostly a learning experience for me, I consider myself a novice with my Elektron boxes, got my first one this winter… and so far no live playing whatsoever,it’s just a getaway from the daily routine in the little studio I’m building in my basement.

More or less portable things I could bring with me:

  • A4
  • Octatrack
  • Machinedrum MKII UW+
  • Monomachine MKII
  • Shruthi-1
  • PreenFM2
  • Minibrute
  • Strymon Bigsky
  • (if needed) Mackie CR1604 VLZ.

I could also assist anyone needing transport, plenty of room in the big Bertha we have in the driveway (Honda Pilot).

I know one other member that lives in MTL, I’ll pm him.


I’m in Montreal. I’d be interested. I think it be a lot fun.

I’m pretty sure my gf is tired of listening to me talking about gear.


Awesome, sounds good. I’ll PM you guys to work out some details. If anyone else is interested, don’t hesitate.


Hey guys, I just got pinged by carlaudet on this. Sounds fun, I’d be into it as well. Small world b.t.w: I sold a Matrix-6R to Carl this year, and I bought thedeadly’s OT a couple of years ago! :slight_smile:


Im from Quebec city , its about a 2,5 hours drive.
I’d be interested though my English is not that good :slight_smile: it could be fun !


On parle franglais a Montreal :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


He he je sais je sais , i used to live in Montreal (about a year) :slight_smile:


Lived in Montreal for a few years. Currently based out of Ottawa. My A4 and RTYM would enjoy a jam with fellow Elektronauts.


Anyone knows a good place for this? I’ve looked at a few practice rooms online, found some that seem to have decent gear included for not that much (PA, mixer and FX).

Do we want more people? I’m active in /r/synthesizers, I could ask over there.



Je suis a Mtl moi aussi.

It would be great to share some OT tricks and thoughts.
I could even give a OT crash course to a newbie.

Casio CZ-1000


I don’t know if some of you still are in Montreal, i’m here for a few days and i’ll enjoy to met some of you !

Ps : i came here with my AR !


If anyone starts one n Chicago I’ll be there. #Promise


AR user who just moved to Montreal. If you guys are still meeting up or want to resurect this, I’d definitely join!


Hey, you from ottawa! I am a bit outside of town, not many elektron users around that I know of! Thats cool, what kind of music are you making?


I am in Québec till the end of June! I have access to a car and am (relatively) close to Montréal! If anyone wants to setup a meet/jam I am all in. I brought a flexible and portable setup, a tent, j’apprandre français :wink: and I think I am an easy guy to jam along with.

PM me with ideas :bulb:

Cheers, Alexander


Bumping this, I am in Montréal for a week end of April!

Anybody out there up for a jam?

If not, besides Moog Audio are there any hotspots for experimental electronic enthusiasts like myself? Looking for places to jam, flyers for underground/independent performances and likeminded locals!



Stereo bar for after hours partying!


Let’s resurrect this thread!
Anyone else in Montreal ? wants to meet, hangout, jam etc.