Elektronauts Hip Hop Beat Battle #11 Goodfellas Voting and feedback

Hello all… It’s voting time.

This time round we thought we would keep the voting timespan quite short, so those that took part in the battle, have 5 Days to vote for your top 3.

We won’t count today as one of the 5 days so the last day for voting will be Thursday 23rd June.

There’s no poll this time round, just comment on your top 3 and it would be appreciated if you could also give short feedback on each of your choices.

So here are the goodfellas beats immortalised on soundcloud never to come off like one of Morries wigs.

Enjoy the listen and thanks to everyone who paid interest and took part, and thanks and bigups to @Sleepyhead and @Symian

Let’s go!


The playlist is kind of weirdly formatted on my browser and I’ve no idea why it’s come out that way, apologies if it’s the same for everyone else.
It looked absolutely fine when @Sleepyhead posted it to me.

Mod edit: fixed

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Thx will take a listen :ear:

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Can’t wait to listen to these when I get off work!:sunglasses:

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I think it depends on how you share it. Which link you use… But I can’t tell which is the right way. It also looks like cut in half on my browser

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Just had my first listen through, theres some honest to goodness bangers in there, kudos to all you guys who participated this round, I’ve got a shortlist of 5 based on the first run through but it’s a close af 5 and it’s gonna take a few listens of them to decide I think… I’m honestly blown away with the high standards…


Just started listening and I’m already super impressed again. You guys simply rock

Just testing to see if the link is borked from the SoundCloud app… It is…

Ah ok, I went to soundcloud from the playlist that Sleepy sent and copied the browser link.

The playlist turned out to be a snitch so we cut him up :joy:

On a serious note: really impressed with the overall quality, and listening to the whole playlist almost feels like listening to an album because of the matching references to the movie. Great work everyone!


Damn. So many great beats.
I’ll be back w comments and top 3, but let me just say right now….
Whoever made #5 is absolutely out of control.


I have a top 10. But a top 3 - no way


Yeah I had a feeling that this battle might bring out the big guns and I think some people may have decided to deploy the 50 cal.


I’ve done an ‘I can’t wait, skip through before I have a full listen, and some of these beats are getting permanently saved to my music folder.
Really nice work.


I keep saying this, but this is the best battle I joined so far. For real.


hoooo… just gave them all a quick scan. you’re all going to make me retire. great work, once again, everyone!


Holy smokes, this is crazy high quality guys!

I think I missed the memo on being allowed to add vocals, but I really love these beats.

Gonna have to listen a couple of times though, as this is gonna be a tough one.

I am really learning a lot from all of you, thanks!


all the acappella choices for this have got me beaming like:


Yeah I’m really pleased so many of the tracks had vocals, they really do bring beats to life imho… also I think it’s a valuable way to learn about structuring beats too…


5 - vibes all around, really hearing this producers sound now in these battles (i think!?)

runners up:
3 - great progression, keeps switching and telling stories
13 - huge sound, radio ready :slight_smile:

special mentions:
7 - slick turntablism and storytelling
10 - thumps
12 - great groove
14 - sweet loop
15 - glad biggie turned up and nice straightforward beat that suits his delivery