Elektronauts.com not working on LTE?

Same thing here! Haha. Pandemic work-from-home had me not caring much about it.

Has always worked for me. Latest iOS, with LTE, verizon. Iphone 6s

My mobile access is really random. Walking the streets I get no access at all. At my new job, in the basement (not connected to their Wi-Fi) It works. Had lunch in pret…didn’t work. Popped to Westfield worked in M&S, didn’t work in John Lewis. Back on streets no joy at all, wherever I am walking.

Just moved from Malta where Elektronauts worked on 4G for me 98% of the time to the UK where it hasn’t loaded at all. I’m using an iPhone SE, iOS 13.4.1, on the Three network.

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It’s getting a bit ridiculous actually.

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Working for me now!

Perhaps last evening’s outage included a DNS update that remedied the situation.

Are others still not able to connect on LTE?


Worked this afternoon for me, thank goodness, was at the in laws.


Yes, it works again on 4G in the UK now :raised_hands:

Kinda Off-Topic

Since the outage there’s a weird gap at the top

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Two steps forward and one step back! :laughing:


Earlier this week it did NOT load again for me.

It works for me too! At last :smile:

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Case closed! (hopefully)


Haven’t been out of the house for 3 days.

I’ll test tomorrow.

Also didn’t the logo get fixed so it was white?

It changes. If I’m on the Forum ‘homepage’ or at the top of a thread, it’s black, but as soon as I start to scroll down, it switches to white. Scroll up again after that and it turns black yet again :upside_down_face:

Edit: here’s a video of it


hah i hadnt noticed that… i get the same :woozy_face:

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:+1: creative usage of the edit function.
Made me feel like a little surrealistic movie.

Btw I don’t even have access (alps) or pay wifi mostly , only lte/ hotspot. Where i‘m now i forget to use it . Never experienced elektronauts not loading.

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I can confirm coverage in Tesco Leytonstone is good.

This seems to be happening again. Bummer

Same here. It only works on wi-fi :frowning: