Elektronaut Playlist, please add your suggestions


Bump, need more songs for my flight to Vienna tomorrow morning :slight_smile:


Tried to find this on Spotify just now and couldn’t ? Help


Just click on the link under the first post.



There you go. How long 's the flight?


It’s only 2 hours, but I got several hours to spend there over the day. I’d like to explore the city walking with good music on the headphones. Thank you very much


Super weird won’t get me into it via iPhone and im a premium Spotify user as well .


“Rest of us” is one of the best songs I discovered in the last months! Thank you


Gives me shivers every time. Doesn’t get much more raw and physical than Colin Stetson.


Bump. Anyone new ideas? I don’t want to spam the list myself :wink:


Brilliant playlist BTW


Just added some…


Whoever added Luke vibert, strange that sometimes I totally forget about music I had on heavy rotation some years ago. Great!!! Thank you