Elektronaut Playlist, please add your suggestions


Still waiting for the ps4 version. Keep em coming. The list is getting better and better.


The list reminds me a little bit of the prodigy dirtchamber sessions


Monthly bump. Great list so far. Come join us


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Lately I’ve been listening to Louis Cole and his Knower band. Amazing guy. Gonna watch the band on stage next week :exclamation:
Would you mind adding a few tracks of his?

  • Thinking about you
  • Government knows
  • F* it up


Added things about you and government knows. f it up I did not find, maybe someone else can chime in


Never heard of them, amazing. Would love to see them live.


Indeed. Check the videos, they are pretty funny.


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Bump, just added some new ones.

“what a way to die” - The pleasure seekers
So gritty and high energy! Been listening to a lot of female vocal garage recently.

“trouble, heartaches & sadness” - Ann Peebles
Those vocals! that slow chilled beat. heartache always makes for a brilliant song!

“black is black” - Big Maybelle
A northern soul style stomper. This song got me looking into her back catalogue.

“Victoria” - The Fall
Mark E Smith’s take on The Kinks “Victoria”. What’s not to love?!

“Summer Wine” - Nancy Sinatra
Love her voice and coupled with Lee Hazelwood is makes for a beautiful “cowboy themed?” summer song lol

“Hit of Miss” - Odetta
If you know Brainfreeze, you’ll recognise this track.

" A space boy dream" - Belle & Sebastian
A homegrown (scottish) track

“Inner Meet Me” - The Beta Band
Another scottish band that I was a big fan of back when in an indie band. Love their experimental approach for stuff - very “4 -tracky” sounding.

“You held the world in your arms tonight” - Idlewild
Someone a long long time ago introduced me to this song and it’s stuck with me. While I’m not a big fan of the band I really like the energy of this track.

“Hong Kong Book of Kung Fu” - Cornershop
Reminds me of the wee small hours after teenage house parties where everyone is lying about chilled, drunk, stoned and Cornershop would ALWAYS get put on.

“The Chaperone” - LaBrenda Ben
Love this old early motown girl vocal, great tune and storytelling.

“Good Beat” - Deee-Lite
Had this on a mixtape many many many moons ago (early 90s) and never knew what the song was I think until the internet age came along.


Wow amazing. Listening right now


Just want to thank all you participants. The playlist ist more than enjoyable. And it’s getting better each time a song is added. Really lovely. By far my favorite playlist. >225 songs already
Thank you all. Keep it going


Kate Bush - An endless sky of honey
Shifted Phases - Lonely journey of the comet bopp
Rickster - Night moves
Jimmy Bo Horne - Spank
Master C & J - Face it


Didn’t find shifted phases. The rest is added :slight_smile: thx daren


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This is what Spotify said my 2018 playlist was. Quite a mixed bag.


This doesn’t work for me as my 16yo son and 12yo daughter use my account as well. So a lot of strange songs in these automatically generated playlists. If you like please put some of your favourites in the shared elektronauts playlists.


Sure, no problem. Let me select a few favourites and I’ll add them to yours.