Elektronaut Playlist, please add your suggestions


I am really fond of Mount Kimbie’s “Marylin” (fr. Micachu).

And you may add Radiohead’s “Sail to the Moon”, that might be the best song I’ve heard in my life :slight_smile:




This is an awesome playlist, been listening to it at work on shuffle this morning.

I’ve followed and wanted to contribute an eclectic mix too.

I’ve listed what i’ve added below and also written a little about each song i’ve chosen.
Would be cool to find out why others chose the songs they added. Having to think and write a little bit will also avoid users carpet-bombing the playlist with track too :wink:

"Tarifa" - Sharon Van Etten
The third series of Twin Peaks features a band playing in the bar in each episode. This is how I discovered the music of Sharon Van Etten and have kind of been a little obsessed with a few of her tracks over the past month. Her songwriting and melodies are outstanding. Also worth checking out is her songs “I love you but I’m lost”, “Every time the sun comes up” and “Afraid of nothing”. Also checkout her acoustic guitar and piano performances on YouTube - these versions are probably better than her album versions.

"Floating in the Forth" - Frightened Rabbit
Released in 2008 and the only Frightened Rabbit song I know of. A beautifully sad and melancholic song about someone contemplating suicide. Lovely Scottish twang in the singers voice. Sadly a month or so ago the singer of the band went missing and was last seen in a hotel near the Forth Road Bridges. Days later his body was found floating in the water there. I’ve always said that this song could only have been written by someone genuinely experiencing these feelings.

"Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)" - Frank Wilson
An upbeat Northern Soul classic! A highly collectable seven inch with a price of over £25,000! Only 250 demo copies of this single by American soul singer and producer Frank Wilson were ever pressed, and of those only around five are reported to have survived when the rest were destroyed by Motown boss Berry Gordy.

"Chase the Devil" - Max Romeo, The Upsetters
Awesome chilled reggae song from 1976. Great tune for the summer! Sampled by The Prodigy for “Out of Space”.

"To Build a Home" - The Cinematic Orchestra
This isn’t just a beautiful song with near perfect builds and crescendos. Watch the official video on YouTube - it may just reduce you to tears.

"Saturn 5" - Inspiral Carpets
One of those songs that takes me right back to being in high school when it was all baggy jeans and floppy fringes in the 90s. Would have been too obvious to post a Stone Roses song. Noel Gallagher from Oasis was a roadie for the Inspirals.

"Unhooked Generation" - Freda Payne
It’s wonderful happy songs like this that just make you want to bust into a happy strut when walking along. It was a toss-up between posting this and “California Soul” by Marlena Shaw.

"Fortify" - Kate Miller
I stumbled across this song randomly on Spotify and ended up saving her album Neophyte to my favourites. Well worth checking out too is “Black Rivers” on the same album.

"Crazy on You" - Heart
This song got my attention because of it’s placement in the film The Virgin Suicides when Lux Lisbon (Kirsty Dunst) jumps on Trip Fontaine in the car. Been on my playlist ever since.

"Demonique" - Aim
Just listen. Don’t have to explain why this is such an epic track.

The Killing of Georgie - Rod Stewart
I am partial to a good few of Rods oldies, and some of his eighties tracks too lol. Love the female backing vocals in this song and the storytelling within the song - it’s a great snapshot of a moment in time of New York.

Rabbit In Your Headlights - UNKLE & Thom Yorke
The genius of UNKLE (James Lavelle & DJ Shadow) paired with vocals from Thom Yorke. Throw in a well placed sample from the movie Jacob’s Ladder and you have a work of perfection!

An extremely eclectic 12 to add to the mix.


Amazing. Great idea with the little description. It’s a mixture of appreciation of the music and autobiographical stuff.


I can’t seem to add anything to the playlist through the web app, but will try again later in the actual desktop app. :slight_smile:


Contributed :slight_smile: hope I not drop too much… I listen too much music genre so it’s difficult
Feel free to delete things you really don’t like !


oh man, “Your Revolution”. Ive got that Xan Cuts on CD from back in the day. I didnt realise it was on Spotify too. Saved!


Yeah I’m a big fan of Ursula Rucker too… :slight_smile: associated with King Britt back in the days it was really like this song from Dj Vadim feat. Sarah Jones


Now the playlist is gaining momentum.


i reworked a bit the order it’s more natural i guess now…
I tried to get the most of my musical roots in a small amount of song. Hope you’ll like it :wink:


I must confess I put playlists on shuffle most of the time. But in this case I think it may fit be better to keep your running order. Added a few songs myself. This playlist is already one of my favorite so far. More then I expected. Really happy that some of you guys appreciate it as well.


“Good Man” by Raphael Saadiq
Aha! That’s the song on “I Am” by Blunted Beatz used on Twin Peaks series 3.


I discover Raphael Saadiq on Worldwide 3 by Gilles Peterson, the amazing Gilles Peterson…
I prefer the Original thought :slight_smile:


How do you add songs to the playlist? I can’t seem to contribute


You’ll need to Follow/Save the playlist to be able to contribute.


Tried that, can’t swing it.

Oh well


[Function]+[Bank] while in Grid Recording mode, scroll down to Swing and turn the Level knob. :thinking::smile:


Maybe you are not logged in with your account?


I just added a lot of random good tracks, didn’t really think about them fitting well together, but yeah, should be allright. :slight_smile:


Hey! I just tried it again and it worked!

I added a Portal 2 track :smiley: