Elektronaut Playlist, please add your suggestions


Didn’t expect that stuff from you :slight_smile:
As you asked I ll add it.
For those that didn’t know already:
You are able to listen to the playlist without actually having an account on Spotify. So asking to add stuff is totally OK for me and I’ll do it and everyone here can listen to it.
For those with an account it would be cool to add their songs themselves. Otherwise my name pops up with the song and it might look like I did most of the list. That would be the opposite of what the playlist should be like.


I wonder what you’d expect.
But these are the songs I play any evening when there are loud enough speakers and drunk enough crowd, and it works perfectly.
Always ending with people (including myself) singing with their whole heart, jumping at each other… and maybe a broken lamp :smile:

Despite my recent taste for electronic music, I’m still a 90s teen…


I have a youtube playlist where I add some stuff I like every once in a while, check it out, feel free to add whatever you want from there to the spotify playlist… I’m too lazy to do that. :smiley: You guys can also listen and enjoy.

It’s pretty diverse, lots of genres, even some cool arabic music in there.

HERE IT IS!!! Enjoy :slight_smile:


Must say: some really good tunes in there already


Added your suggestions :slight_smile: it’s quiet cool to play the list on shuffle. Good different vibes :notes:


Should I just add tracks or albums from other threads? The “desert island album” thread or the “what are you listening lately to” thread. May take some time, though.


Make another playlist for these :wink:


Ozric tentacles. Yay to Andy :tada:




Monthly bump, cone on guys! Participate


Some stuff that’s gettin spun about over here.

  • Psychic Ills
  • The Moonlandingz
  • Sunn O)))
  • Amen Dunes
  • Fat White Family
  • Moon Duo
  • All them Witches
  • The Telescopes
  • Radar men from the Moon

Edit: Oops ur looking specific tracks. :thinking:


I just dropped a ton of stuff. Hopefully I didn’t overdo it


spotify: Zazou: from the beginning
sc: www.soundcloud.com/zazou-berlin


I do not have spotify but can higly recommend

James Blake - limit to your love (on headphones or propper speakers… BASSSS)


Added J Blake.


Excellent stuff in there. Appreciated


Feel free to add


Just came across this. Great idea!
I’ve had the playlist on shuffle all afternoon. Some great stuff in there.

I’ve added some Joe Gideon and the Shark, and Bosco Delray tunes. Enjoy.


3 Week bump. Already 96 great songs in there.
Which one will be no 100. Mc hammer? :wink:


Big thank you to all participants so far. Great stuff. Feel free to share the link…