Elektron Transfer 1.1


What? Sample transfer via C6 on Rytm mkI does not work properly and Transfer does not yet support mkI, facts, not feelings.

But nevermind that for now, what is your agenda here? Why do you feel the need to argue against other users genuine and founded complaints? I don’t see why it matters SO much to you to engage in the thread if you are happy with your machines, go and make some music and stop feeling the compulsion to jump to the defence of Elektron, I’m pretty sure they can handle it without you.


good looking UI


never had issues with samples and c6, used usb only midi connections.


Whenever I tried C6, I had to use MIDI on my DT. USB froze (which was scary for firmware updates).

I’m glad of this Transfer update. It’s still not as advertized (my box certainly says that it includes Overbridge). At least we now have the functionality promised as “included” on the box… MIDI over USB and USB filesystem manager. It also says that it’s Overbridge Enabled for “premium” which has the functionality we are waiting for… It does say it’s not included in the purchase, but it implies it should be available :slight_smile: Hard to complain about premium features being added for free, but what if I wanted to pay for OB Premium now?


I’ve never had any trouble using c6 to transfer files to the rytm from my computer. There are some different settings you need to use but that’s all outlined in any of the sound packs upload instructions. I bought a mki in the beginning of 2015 and through the life of the device with me I never had problems. This was transfer over usb.

It’s not a matter of agenda, you made a factually incorrect statement about how Elektron is failing to meet promises for your device when in fact the opposite is true. They added so much unexpected functionality and will be adding more for no cost.


I can read instructions just fine, I’ve been using C6 since it first became available, I’ve used it with all my Elektron machines, so you can be confident that I know what I’m doing, I have been a beta tester and preset contributor on 3 Elektron machines, I was one of their first customers, and I have probably spent more on their fantastic machines than most, I never stated anything about promises being broken those are your words. But I do not feel they owe me anything, other than properly working gear, as they always have.

C6 when transfering a large number of samples to Rytm is not adequate, it hangs, yes it often works when doing a few samples but it can take a long time, yes using I’m USB and yes samples are in correct format. You can use the search on the forum and find other people who are not having success with C6 and Rytm.

I fail to see how any of this is factually incorrect.

Elektron have said that transfer will be compatible with Rytm mkI after an OS update, if they were not aware of the C6 issues which you appear to think are false, why would they bother wasting the time to do so?


That’s an issue with your computer, not the software. I’ve transferred lots of samples no problem. It’s not as fast as transfer but it works. Reshaped Harmonics transfers in under 3 minutes.

Edit : the reason for making it transfer compatible is to standardize on a single piece of software that better utilizes the uab standard. As you know the mkii has higher bandwidth to stream all channels where the mki is restricted, so that could be another cause for the delay.


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has anyone run into an issue where you get “duplicate” file errors when sendings new samples using Transfer 1.1 to a Digitakt? seemingly random files have been failing to transfer because they ‘already exist’ when they definitely don’t. right clicking and choosing ‘retry’ doesn’t ever send the file successfully. it only happens to maybe 1 out of 20 files or so.

i just did a factory reset with Digitakt 1.7 using a new project.

is there maybe some hashing collision that makes it think the file is a dupe?


its coming when they finish the new Overbridge, which will make the new OS compatible for Mk1. We have to wait for the whole kit and kaboodle


I’ve been out and about for a few weeks, and I saw that the elektron transfer app can accept samples from the Digitakt. Do those samples become wav files to be used in other applications? Or are they just data for backup



They are audio files indeed. You can browse the digitakt folders and backup your sample, or upload samples from your computer (including, whole folders at a time).


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It isn’t an issue with my computer because C6 works just fine with all my other Elektron gear, and as I said it works some of the time with Rytm, the problem occurs when attempting a full transfer of fairly large samples (total less than 64mb still) I will agree that sometimes it can work though, hence my use of flaky.

I’m not the only user with this issue, and it isn’t user error (or why would it sometimes work?)

Honestly I’m stoked for you that it is working fine all the time, but since transfer is coming I’ll just wait for that until I attempt transferring multiple samples. No need to keep flogging this dead horse.


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Joking aside, I certainly hope I don’t give off that vibe, I was just trying to point out that it wasn’t a case of user error, I definitely could have worded my responses better though, posting late at night when tired and cranky is something I should avoid.


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Flaky user?

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Ha, undoubtedly I am a flaky user, that’s a given :rofl:

Messing around with C6, Transfer and @mzero Crunch and trying things out, it does seem that the sample management on Rytm and Digitakt have issues which I believe are OS related, things like failed operations, long files (over 1mb) seem to cause issues, multiple files seem to cause issues in some circumstances.

Unfortunately I don’t have the time to give detailed reports of every failure I’m experiencing, because I am working on projects, and it can be very time consuming to drill down to find the exact conditions causing the failed operations, but for now I’m having to find workarounds to get the jobs done, including using other equipment (Octatrack,Toraiz, computer) which is a bit of a workflow killer, and time wasting.

It would be interesting to know if many other users are experiencing these kind of issues.



Vary peculiar. Just the other day i transferred both large and small files via USB both in c6 and transfer to the DT and ARMKII and there was no issues. What OS are you using. Are you connected through a hub? Is that hub usb 2.0 or 3.0/1? If you’re on a Mac, are you using usb 2 ports? Is so is it the port connected to the bus, or the one that is a hub (on older macbooks and imacs). If it’s a pc is it prefab or built? If it’s prefab have you tried multiple ports? If it’s built have you tried a USB port that’s on a different chipset? (My motherboard has 3). Some laptops have different chipsets too. Check the manual for details. 90% of the time there is streaming audio transfer issues it’s chipset related. Or a bandwidth issue. Looks to me like data is competing for bandwidth and losing. I have all 3 of my elektron devices on separate usb 3.0 ports on 3 different chipsets so there is no chance of there being any bottlenecks.