Elektron Transfer 1.1


Caught in a landslide (of posts that is, lol)


Imho, it would be nice if OB lets us have complete functionality on the computer as well though. AND without having to be be connected, it’s a pipe dream though.
Still, I can imagine creating projects while “working” in the office then transferring that over at home for a jam.


Maybe I’m missing something, but what’s the point of people being upset about sample backup on the mki? It can’t sample so everything you put on there you should already have a backup of on your computer before you transferred it, no? You can do a sysex dump to back up the projects…file location doesn’t matter as long as you transfer the samples back before you transfer the project…


Ah ok, my mistake i thought its possible to tag a sample as kick so it would show if your population the kick track, still new to the rytm…so much to learn…


if you sample a sound direct from another source this would be a nice thing…


You can’t sample on the mki. Only on the mkii.


Agree completely, perhaps I worded my post badly…A better and more elegant managament for audio file transfer would be most welcome in the form of the new Elektron Transfer for mk1 users. I get the impression round here some folk just dislike/hate C6 for audio managment transferring to and from?


I’m not bothered about saving mkI AR samples, but it sure would be nice to be able to use transfer with the mkI as C6 does not work very well, is slow and won’t allow re-organisation of samples.


The right-click doesn’t work on my Mac, nothings happening. BUT…the backspace/delete button does work. So that’s something, thx!


C6 is definitely slower, but it works and preserves folder structure and with it you can set where you want to upload to so you just have to be organized before transfer files over.


It’s worth noting that the mki is now a legacy product and the fact that it’s getting support at all is something to be thankful for. DSI has discontinued support for the tempest despite it being a current model they charge more then the rytm mkii for, and Access updates their OS once a year, if that.


I’m not at all thankful that a drum machine I bought 3 years ago never has had a proper sample transfer and was superceded by a replacement model that has proper sample transfer. If you are, then I’m happy for you, but I am most definitely not.


This is already well known to me…but it’s not what anyone could call an elegant and fast solution.


I can’t find this typo (should be “too”, I assume) in the Transfer documentation.
Perhaps you’ve posted in the incorrect thread?


Proper is relative. It works as was advertised when you bought it. The device has a stable OS and has Overbridge. You’re now angry about functionality you were never promised when you bought the device.

Edit: meanwhile mkii owners still haven’t gotten the 2 osc machine or overbridge which was promised and not delivered. You’ve gotten more than you bought (so many additional machines were added in that 4 year period and overbridge)


It was promised when I bought mine back then too ! It’s later than all the stuff people frequently complain about.

This isn’t a contest - the DVCO is for both machines - many mk1 people have been far far more patient than lots of the recent crew venting about delays on aspects of the DT e.g. - sure some omissions are greater than others but I don’t follow your train of thought here.


I know it’s not a contest but it was advertised as sold with the product. When i bought the mki, it wasn’t promised on the packaging that you could do software file management on the device. Every sample pack and the manual instructed how to do it via c6. Maybe it was here? Though I’ve been a member here a while now and never saw that thread. I’m not trying to be antagonistic but Digitakt users have reason to be angry because that device samples and had no backup solution and had many broken promises about overbridge. This situation isn’t comparable imo. Rytm mki doesn’t sample and you have always been able to transfer files and manage them on the device.

Edit: DVCO was advertised as releasing with the mkii in July of last year. No one knew it didn’t until people started recieving their machines.


kool update, really needed this, great DT library manager.




TRANSFER for ANALOG RYTM1 when? Please update!

i paid €1499 for a drumcomputer (with sample support), but never got good use of samples in rytm with windows pc.
as there was no easy solution to import/export quick samples between unit and pc. I can’t figured out how…
Now there seems to be transfer quick & ready sample support for AR2, so do this means all AR1 users are down and have deadmachines now or?

When can we expect update please?
Hope there would be OS fix soon.