Elektron Transfer 1.1


Is it not possible to use this with OB2? When AR is in OB mode it’s not listed under “MIDI Out”. When I put the AR in USB-MIDI mode it’s listed just fine…




Well ok then.

Is there a plan to?


I have no info about this but I’m positive it will happen


I’m not sure if it is technically possible (on the supported OSes).

When the device is in USB-MIDI mode, it presents itself as standard complaint MIDI device to the computer and the corresponding system driver takes control of it.

When the device is in Overbridge mode, it presents itself as “overbridge” device and the OB2 driver takes control of it. As far as I know the OB2 driver isn’t registered as MIDI driver at the OS level (just as audio driver). It can be used in DAWs via the VST interface for MIDI, but not by standalone MIDI applications.

If this can be changed? Maybe, maybe not.

In general it’s quite similar to devices like the ZOOM recorders. These devices provide an USB drive mode and an audio interface mode, but you need to switch the device itself manually between these modes.


Would love an update to this app

  1. Toggle to disable unique hash on uploads…sometimes I want the SAME SAMPLE in multiple folders, but Transfer won’t let me


This can actually be toggled on and off


Never saw that option, thanks!