Elektron Transfer 1.1


So far I’m loving Transfer 1.1. I’m also finally starting to get my head wrapped around the AR2’s sample directory structure.


Ok so I tried using another laptop, running win7 pro and transfer so far seems to work flawlessly, I’m not getting the noise issues or failed transfers with multiple files, so I thought I’d share my experiences in case anyone else has these issues, the other laptop was win7 premium, I use it for other audio and midi stuff without issues though.


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Evening all.

Not sure if this has been asked but…
Have the half price sample packs been put back to their original price?
The price of them certainly seems to have doubled on my browser. Was going to grab one.


Dunno if this answers your question but I bought the 2323 pack at $15 “on sale” when they started this post, and now it’s showing $20 for me, which really doesn’t make sense either. Pretty sure the other “on sale” packs were $7 and now they’re $15 so I’m guessing the sale is over, but the 2323’s full price got permanently reduced anyway.


It shows £23 for me. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
They could update the page to represent the fact the sale is over.


There was a -50% sale banner on soundpacks that were on sale, now they are gone.

2323 was at 120 SEK, now it’s back at 240 SEK.


Yeah, cheers. I guess the sale was for a limited time not mentioned.


They sold out. You’ll have to wait a few months till they have them back in stock again.


Thats a good one.


So I’m at the point where I really need to back up all of my projects in my AR2. Will the Transfer app work for that, or do I just use C6?

Also, do I need to backup every single project one backup at a time, or is there a way to save all projects in my AR2 with a single backup?


As far as I can see, Elektron Transfer 1.1 only provides sample backup, and no complete project backup.
Am I overlooking something?


Yes, transfer is only for sample backup. For project data backup you need to use C6.

And, no, there is no “backup all projects” feature. You need to backup project after project.


I thought so too, but wasn’t sure if this changed with the new updated version of Transfer.


Sadly no. Make sure you have your midi out settings on the AR set to USB Out only, not USB and MIDI. That speeds things up GREATLY! Takes about 10 seconds to save each project and all it’s data them, so not too bad.


Does not work on my Win10 system. Cannot connect to my DT. Midi In/Out on USB only. What else can I do?


You can contact Elektron and file a support ticket. That would be their advice.

But before you do that, if you can describe the steps (like in a recipe) you took to reproduce the problem, maybe we can help.

All we’ve got to go on right now is that it didn’t work for you in Win 10 via USB. That’s the story backdrop but not the story itself.


It works now! Elektron support told me to use any channel as autochannel except channel 1. At my DT it was set to 1, I changed it to 15 and now it works!


That’s great news! Also great was that you shared what you learned from Elektron support in order to fix it. :rainbow:


thanks for that one!