Elektron stack, ok?

Hey all, I unfortunately don’t have the desk space to incorporate all my elektron boxes so I’m stacking them like this … anyone see a problem with storing them like this? I’m guessing they should be okay given the deck savers and metal cases are solid, but I’m pretty anal about keeping my gear in good nick :slight_smile:

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No it’s fine imo. I do it with two. Those are legitimate decksavers? Those things can literally stop bullets.


Cool, thanks - yep they are the real deck savers, bomb proof plastic!

They deserve shelves

I shed a tear


I carry mine around in a backpack wrapped in a towel, hah. They’re built to last, that won’t do them no harm.

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Haha, bigger house soon so they will have room to breathe!

Alexa, show me the hottest threesome photo on the internet.


there seems to be space for one more.


check those decksaver covers for any excess plastic blobs on the inside edge that touches the synths. i have a PL-2 decksaver on my DT that i discovered has a blob of surplus plastic (like an extra drip of molten plastic got in there at manufacture) which has, due to ‘stacking’, caused an indent in the DT top plate’s edge. it’s prob just bad luck for me but it’s worth checking.

I mean, is it physically ok? Yes. Is it emotionally ok? No.


I have that exact same setup, when I stack them like that I think “I’m puling a Max Marco”


I had this on my OP-1 decksaver. Scratched it :frowning:

the protector ended up doing the damage huh… :zonked:

i managed to shave off the plastic blob (deckshaver!?) with a scalpel but damage is already done. lesson learned. check yer deck!

Maybe you could go the IKEA solution route.

This is exactly why they’re called decksavers and not dustcovers, and why they cost a fair bit more than a simple dustcover. :slight_smile:

sweet sweet irony.

Some of the newer decksavers, like the Peak one, have a soft padding on the inside edge to prevent scuffs, particularly on synths that have wooden end cheeks.

Not noticed any blobs on any of mine but they do vary a little I think, quality wise. Most feel bombproof and well finished but the one I have for my Launchpad X feels a bit thin and the cutout for the cable is a bit rough.

:musical_note: … it’s not right, but it’s ok … :musical_note:

It hurts us.

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