Elektron Sound Pack Question (Digitakt)

Quick question about the [Digitakt] sound packs. Do they come with Sounds set up? Or is it just a collection of WAV files? I’m looking for interesting samples – not so much drum sounds – and I’m wondering if there is value in an Elektron Sound Pack above and beyond regular samples / WAV files. The way it’s worded in the description, it sounds like there is some set up included (I’m guessing as Sounds), but I’m not sure. I’m new to the Digitakt and just trying to understand the ecosystem. Any help would be very much appreciated.

I don’t know if it’s for every packs but the one I got for Digitakt was just WAV files.
I don’t think they made sounds pack because the pack are compatible with multiple elektron gears.


Thank you for your response, @blaize! This is helpful. I’ll assume they’re all like this.

Yeah all are just Wav files from Elektron. There is only one actual Sound pack I’ve ever come across for DT: Electronisounds’ pack of 1000 sounds, which are actually killer and totally worth the $50


I was just reading up on those sounds. I’ll definitely give some thought to picking those up. Nice to support people building great products.

Wave Alchemy has great Drum Sounds (some Natural, some Synthetic).
The Evolve Pack is FREE.


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Thank you! You folks are great!

+1 for electronisounds

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