Elektron RYTM MK1 : Errors when attempting to upload samples

I just purchased a used, but mint, Electron RYTM MK1. Everything has been working great until I started to try and load samples onto the device. Whether I use the C6 utility or the Transfer utility (macOS 10.13.6 High Sierra) I am getting errors with some samples transferring to the device. I will get a sea of green, successful sample transfers in the Transfer utility with about 2-300 red ones where it says it failed to read file from device. When I attempt “retry” it sometimes works. When I sample these same sample in macOS they open and play just fine. They are not corrupt.

Question is, could this be a failing +Drive? I have tried the 1.46B OS, and the current 1.45 OS for the RYTM. I have also tried C6 and not all samples transfer from there, either.

I’ve reformatted the +Drive multiple times. I’ve done a factory reset, empty reset, everything.

I would doubt that this is an issue with the USB cable but maybe that’s possible.

Incredibly frustrated right now. Any ideas?

Could it be your pc / Mac hard drive you are transferring them from ?

I’d do it in batches either way , try doing it in batches of 100

I suppose that’s possible. I will have to try from my other computer.

On digitakt I sometimes have issues but using the other transfer app ( search for elk ) it’s written by mrzero via chrome browser , it works well. I think it works on rytm though I’m unsure.

Tried it from another computer. Transfer failed at the exact same spot. I am going to transfer the samples in a different order and see if the same sample files fail.

I have a feeling that this is a failing +Drive.

Welp, transferred the samples in the opposite order in batches of 1-200. Worked fine. Why do Transfer / C6 have issues transferring large amounts of samples at once? Now that I remember, in the past I’ve had this issue before (the last time I owned an Elektron device)