Elektron related gear (stands, controllers, hardware, software)

I just wanted to compile a list of all the great Elektron related gear being produced! If I have forgotten anyone or you would like to be excluded from the list please let me know.


HPRC - 2550W link (triple Elektron compatible)
Pelican Case - 1500 link (single Elektron compatible)
Pelican Case - 1550 link (dual Elektron compatible)
Swan Flight - Elektron Monomachine SFX-6 keyboard flightcase link
Swan Flight - Elektron drum & sampler flightcase link


AG-KW - Oktakel link
Companyofquail - EIT-1 link
Cremacaffe - Kolibri link (Elektron compatible)
Cremacaffe - Kosmo link (Elektron compatible)
Cremacaffe - Spike link (Elektron compatible)
E-RM - brightside link
Fractional Industries - Elektron Stands link
Konjo - Elektron Desk Stand link
Konjo - Elektron 2 Unit Desk Stand link
Marmot Audio link
modologic mods link
Mokonline link [url=“http://www.zerack.com/”]web
Pro Modular link
Roquedesign link
World Grid link


AG-KW - Oktakontrol link
Eranrund - MuteBox link (WIP)
Guga - SFX-JII link (WIP)
Guga - Morph4 link (WIP)
Guga - Small MIDI Device (SMD) link (WIP)
Guga - The third hand link (WIP)
Klerc - Ele:CTRL link (WIP)
Ruin & Wesen - Minicommand link (no longer available)
[li]Justin Valer - MiniCommand Live firmware link[/li]
Ruin & Wesen - Monojoystick link (unreleased)


Darenager - A4 CV/Gate Box link
Darenager - A4 Separate Outs Mod link (presumed to be discontinued)
Darenager - Sync24 2 Analog Clock link
Elsewhere - UnderBridge link (no longer available), UnderBridge 2.0 [url=“http://www.elektronauts.com/t/underbridge-2-0-is-now-shipping/15335”]link
Grayscale - Synapse link
Gygus - encoders, faders, trigs link (no longer available)
Sonau - insert cables link
virtual_flannel - Analog RYTM stickers link


Dick Malibu Design.Works.Inc - custom panels link
Astron Pro Audio - custom OT faceplate skins link
Neil Ritchie - The Analog Four Cookbook link
StyleFlip - custom vinyl skins link


Abhoth - OctaChainer link (WIP)
Guga - A4Randomize link (WIP)
Guga - ARRandomize link (WIP)
Guga - MMRandomize link (WIP)
Guga - ReSyn link (WIP)
HoToolz - OctaHack/OTRP link (WIP)
HoToolz - RYTMORF lemur link
L~N - OTC link
Monolith - link
NickD - Analog RYTM sample slice calculator link
Rusty - OctaEdit link
Void - ? link (WIP)
Void - Pattern Generator link (WIP)
Void - SDS Drop link
Void - STROM link


Darenager - Druma (A4/AK) link
fisound - OVRDrive (A4/AK) link
Floppydisk Pirates - BPM (A4/AK) link
Floppydisk Pirates - DEPTH&ViSiON (A4/AK) link
Floppydisk Pirates - Don’t Copy That Floppy (A4/AK) link
Justin Valer - AR-808 (AR) link
Justin Valer - MD-808 (MD) link
Justin Valer - MD-909 (MD) link
Kimura Taro - A4 FM Drum Patch Pack link
Sounds/To/Sample - Progressive Acid (A4/AK) link


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Yes please !

Octatrack Monolith : turn your Octatrack into a 4 voice wavetable synthesizer (by jaalmadakan)

Forum thread


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Brilliant! Thanks for this…

Not a user but no love for the R&W gear…

Styleflip custom overlays


Here is another one:

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wow the SFX-JII looks really fucking cool, i would buy the shit outta one of those if they were still available.


Octahack/OTRP - Master tempo-dependent track repitcher.

file under (free) software for OT. requires midi interface and iOS.

Hey you miss this ones :


S2S Analog Four - Progressive Acid link
floppydiskpirates “BPM SoundPack” link
floppydiskpirates “Don’t Copy That” link
floppydiskpirates “Deepth and Vision” link
FiSound Analog Four “OVRDrive” link

S2S MachineDrum “Dark and Minimal” link

  • Elektron Store (But that one is easy to find)

Thanks everyone! I have added the above and cleaned up my posts a little. Please let me know if any of these projects have died.

Sample packs have not been included, but if someone wants to start a sample pack/sounds mega thread please feel free :wink:

A new stand option:

Interesting because it’s removable and portable.

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Nice idea and follow through, nightfade! One-stop shop for 3rd party Elektron stuff & things. Thanks for posting!!



Please let me know if I have missed anything new as I have been away on holiday :wink:

by Cremacaffè design store.

Two-in-one tabletop stand compatible with all Elektron desktop machines.

Already posted here:

bumpin this one

11€ Elektron stand

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As the thread was intended to capture ready made gear I haven’t included the 11€ Elektron stand. Maybe someone would like to start a DIY thread so the knowledge isn’t lost.