Elektron octatrack for the second time

Anyone else that sold there octatrack and bought another one? Just got myself another one after selling my old one

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Yeah, it drove me insane the second time too so I sold it again.

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Why did you buy it the second time? What had you thought changed, and was it the same reason that caused you to sell it again?

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yeah next one will be my third

revolving door policy when it comes to gear

lernt that on our beautiful forum

Second time will be for a second one !


Don’t think I gave it enough time to learn it the first time :blush:

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i totally understand everyone who sold it and bought it again. never sold mine but it was a love/hate relationship from the beginning. i can switch it on/off whenever i like so that´s a good reason to keep it :wink:

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I’m on my third.

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You sold it again after that thread ? :wink:

Im technically on my 4th though I only really consider it 3 times. 3rd time I got one for silly money and sold it within a week for a profit.

Anyway, so far a keeper. I might not be using the damn thing at all at the moment but I do love having it. The OT was my first “pro” purchase years back. An odd first purchase considering my background (love synths!) but something just pulled me in. Went through a few wobbles and sold it (and a second time) but this time around I just like having it. It’s almost like a piece of art - I just like looking at the thing haha! Nice to know it’s there.

Reading that wont help you decide in the slightest but what I can safely say is that when you find your zone with the OT it’s an absolute blast.

I’ve read about tons of people flipping and rebuying. Seems pretty common. I never felt compelled to completely get rid of mine, it’s the tits. I honestly wish it would never break but when it’s true successor hits market i’d probably upgrade. I’d say people in the rebuy cycle should get their head down and give the box the attention it deserves, until the work goes in it can be a headache

I’ve got two. Just trying to figure out how to use them wisely in tandem.

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Anyone who had a MK1 and now has a MKII can you comment on the improved sound quality or if there is one?

I just sold my second one for some extra $ while I move house. The double OT combo is the bomb if you’ve got the patience. I felt best using one as a drum machine. I’d be interested to hear your intentions with the 2, it’s not a particularly common setup so always interested in what people are doing

@tornfrayed I’m pretty sure OTmk2 has no upgrade to the outputs but it can take hotter input levels which may affect how your songs end up sounding depending whether you work conscious of that

I had an MKI (two, actually, in the spirit of this thread!) and bought an MKii a few months ago after that Knobs video lured me back.

The headphone jack audio out is still weaksauce, unfortunately, but the main outs sounds good. I never thought that the mki was horrible, although the gain staging is complicated at best and downright crazy-making at worst (there are, like, 5 ways to change the volume of something, and that’s not even including p-locks and scenes).

The mkii has much more headroom and pretty powerful amps. With everything gain staged properly, and without involving that horrible built-in headphone amp circuit, I find that it’s plenty delicious for studio use.

As with everything, I recommend a hands-on demo (or purchasing from somewhere with a fair return policy, like Sweetwater) before you part with your money.

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Ha ha. No still on my third. :slight_smile:

On my second OP1 as well.