Elektron noob... bought Model:Samples

Arriving tomorrow… don’t know if I jumped the gun or what… haha.

The videos all hooked me in…

I was initially interested in picking up a hardware sampler to sort of use as an “all-in-one vintage drum machine” (like Roland’s TR8s)… I have tons of samples of classic kits (as I’m sure most of you all do as well)… Linn, TR-505, 707, 808, 909, etc. The whole thing, and then some.

SP404s to me, seem ridiculously overpriced. So I found a few others… never been a big MPC fan… owned the MPC1000 and MPC500 before and thought the pads sucked (and they do) and the workflow just isn’t quick enough for my needs. Looked at the Circuit but don’t like how there’s only 60 seconds of sample storage and only 64 slots. Looked at the Korg Electribe ES-1… owned before. Hate the 32khz conversion thing for loading samples… and, only 90 seconds internal? I wanted more space, but kind of simple. Considered an Electribe 2 Sampler, but the more I read about it, the less I like it. Only 4.5 minutes of total sample storage?

Enter Model:Samples.

1gb storage… 64mb (11 minutes in mono) per project… hmm. Seems pretty cool.

My plans on using it as a vintage drum machine (all of them)… 6 pads is enough for kick, snare, chh, and clap, which is most of what I need for my vintage drum machine sequencing needs… other two tracks/samples could be some ambient pads or synth thing of sorts.

Tell me more about this… convince me! :smile:

Questions I had-

  1. Is Elektron good with firmware updates, like Novation with their Circuit?

  2. Is it quick to load new projects (with different samples on the 6 tracks)?

  3. Is it decently quick to swap out the 6 samples?

  4. Does Elektron plan on offering an ATTACK parameter setting? I sure hope so.

  5. The transfer software… decently easy to use/load samples?

  6. Pads decent? A lot of complaints about them.

  7. Any plans on having “banks” of Tracks/Samples? That would be amazing. Instant click to Bank 2 for 6 more, Bank 3 for 6 more… and the ability to sequence all 18 samples instead of 6?

  8. Is it just one pattern per project? Or do the 16 step buttons function as pattern select?

Thanks for any help!

Reason I took the plunge-- it seemed to tick all my boxes, and I used one of the online retailers to make payment plans on one, instead of dropping $400 total.

Meh. I’ve seen people make brilliant stuff quickly with this thing… and it looks like a lot of fun. Again, this is my first Elektron anything.

Good to be here.


  1. There’s been one firmware update so far. Added Sample Locks (major feature) and some bug fixes. No one can say if/when the next one will come.

  2. I’m not sure if you mean project or pattern. Each Project can have 96 patterns, so they’re not necessarily something you’ll be loading very often. Each patten can have totally different samples. To answer your question directly, to load a new Project requires getting into the Project menu and selecting the one you want, so it’s a few button presses/knob turns. Loading the pattern you want just requires pressing the Pattern button, and then the Bank/Pattern Number you want.

  3. If you manage your samples properly, you can swap all 6 out together. When you navigate to a sample folder, a long press of the red knob will load the first 6 samples in that folder across the 6 pads. So if you organise your samples in “kit” folders of 6 samples, you can do it very efficiently.

  4. No one can answer this. You can use the LFO for attack.

  5. Transfer works fine.

  6. I like the pads. My main gripe is how Elektron have implemented the sensitivity of them for velocity. If you have it on, you have to hit the pad pretty hard to get 100%. I just turned it off and set the Vel as a p-lock if I need it, but live finger-drummers may need to adjust to it.

  7. No one knows Elektron’s plans. With Sample Locks, you can assign samples to individual trigs, so you can have more than one sample play on an individual track, so you can use more than 6 samples in a pattern.

  8. Each project has 96 patterns - 6 banks of 16 patterns. There’s 96 projects. That’s 9,216 patterns in total! Each project has a maximum of 576 sample slots (One dedicated slot for each track in each pattern in a project) sharing 64 mb in space.

Hope you enjoy the M:S when it arrives.


You got six banks with sixteen patterns each, per project. Pads select banks, trigs select pattern within the bank.

The sequencer is where it’s at. Go deep there. You’ll come back a changed person.

U will have a lot of fun :joy: elektron samplers is best in my opinion. I have Octatrack and played Dikitakt, dream machines. This will be more hands on and some limitations but only for drums monster…

  1. I think you’ll find some debate about that. They did recently add an update that allows for sample locks, which really opens it up.
  2. I think so? I generally find the menu workflow much faster than the electribe 2 sampler (but that might just be me).
  3. It depends on your file management within the M:S, but yes.
  4. I sure hope so too. As it was mentioned, it’s a highly requested feature. If a track really needs it, you can set the ENV for the volume/distortion. If you want an LFO to do other things, you can just p-lock the LFO on the first step(s) for the attack, then p-lock it to do other things on other steps. An attack parameter would be much quicker.
  5. It’s straight-forward.
  6. I don’t mind them. I like the sturdiness of the other boxes, but I also really like how quiet they are. I also really appreciate the ability to turn down the brightness of the LCD/LEDs.
    7/8. Per project, there are six banks (one per pad), each bank holds 16 patterns.

Thanks for all replies so far! Very helpful.

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Oh man. I am loving this little box. I’ve only been home from work for a couple hours, but oh man is this thing fun.

I think this is the drum machine/sample player I never knew I always wanted. This thing is killer. I didn’t even add my own samples. Just playing around with the kits. I love how kits can be saved with the patterns. Just a quick pattern switch (pattern, then whatever number) to switch the 6 active tracks/samples. I love that.

I upgraded the firmware for the Sample Lock, but haven’t even touched that yet. Just love the Parameter-lock stuff, for changing pitches per step.

Some things I noticed-- when in grid/step mode… you really have to bang the Step button to mute it, or re-enable it. Soft presses do nothing (most of the time). It’s weird. Could be a bug, but I’ve found the only solid way to turn them off and on is to hit them with a little force (not a ton, but not a soft press with your finger resting on it). However, dragging finger across activates each step easily. And clears it, too.

I can’t seem to understand why anyone would want to pay an arm and a leg for a 90s drum machine (with the exception of the MPC) that does 10% of what this thing can do. 6 tracks is a limitation, sure… (in some people’s eyes) but if you set up your kits per pattern… say bank 1 is kit 1, bank 2 is kit 2… you have 36 samples (6 kits) at your disposal… It may not be an MPC’s 64 samples (4 banks) but 36 is more than enough, for a project idea. Most people use 2 banks max, on an MPC (32 samples).

The stock kits and samples are pretty damn dope. I only messed with Pattern 1, 2, and 3’s kits… I haven’t even messed with the others.

I haven’t really loved a piece of hardware in a really long time. Most of my gear is midi controllers because I do a lot of computer stuff. The only hardware in my studio: Yamaha Reface CP, Korg Microkorg XL+, guitar pedals. This is the first piece of hardware I’ve owned since my Electribe ES-1 in 2009.

In my opinion, this thing kicks ass and I now understand the Elektron hype. As I’ve posted elsewhere… it desperately needs:

  • attack envelope for ambient patterns (a lot of people, including myself, love making ambient stuff)

  • the ability to “gate” samples… hold the pad as long as you need it to play. Great for melodies and oldschool MPC-style sample chopping.

  • choke groups, even just two (like A and B) would be most helpful for a lot of ideas.

People (well, I also speak for myself here) pay $600 for Maschine (I do love Maschine, and own the MK3, Studio, and MK2). This thing is only $399? And it does all it does, and stores all it does? TWEAKS all it does? In my opinion, bargain.



Its not really what they can do feature wise but how it colors your sound with the circuitry.

Also some have a specific swing signature that they are after, like the mpc’s you mentioned.

I get it, yeah… especially with the older 12-bit and crunchy ones. We desperately need a bit-crush thing in this. And a few other things!

I’ve owned the MPC2000, MPC1000 and MPC500 before. I just find this Model:Samples to be much more intuitive/faster/fun. Not to knock MPCs, but this is seriously dope.

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Being able to sample is huge for me… that & being able to precisely chop. Those are the reasons I’m not buying the Model Samples, but it DOES look fun. If it could sample & if I could chop precisely (don’t need a waveform display) I would buy it in a heartbeat. But of course that would probably up the price of it.

On an MPC I use just about every track & love having multiple samples to choose from. That’s my workflow though, I like putting down multiple ideas for 1 song & love trying out different sounds. 6 tracks on the Model:Samples would be enough for me when using it with other gear.

with sample locking, you can have a different sample on every step! so even one track can sound like a full song! so try it and be prepared to be amazed :v:t2::sunglasses:

Haven’t even touched Sample Lock yet, but sure seems pretty great!

Re: Sample Lock… the unit can store 26 “locked” Samples… is that per-project (not so much per-pattern)? Or is it “per entire unit”? So many questions, as I’m so new to Elektron.


Totally understand that… I do like the MPC workflow with the JJOS installed. If NI ever came out with a standalone Maschine (like the MPC Live) I think that would be my dream device for standalone sampling.

Like I said, my use of the Model:Samples is just as an “all-in-one” vintage drum machine. So much fun to step sequence stuff (within M:S itself, or from an external step-sequencer). Loading samples with the Transfer software seems pretty easy, too.

I’m still getting around the quirks of the machine, but I really do enjoy it a lot. I think they have a winner on their hands, for sure.

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