Elektron + Keys

Lately I‘ve been lusting over an Analog Keys due to its ability to sequence external synths with CV arps and genius sequencer with LEDs above the keys.

This got me thinking that all Elektron products including keys are now discontinued. Do you guys think that chapter is over for Elektron or might they introduce a new keyboard-based product at some point down the line (e.g. Analog 8, polyphonic keyboard sampler)?

Impossible to say anything with confidence. Elektron don’t tell us their plans.

Also, the Digitone Keys isn’t formally discontinued. It’s still listed as a current product in both the Catalog and Shop parts of the Elektron website. My guess is they don’t have a fixed plan for the Keys yet, and might start making/selling them again if conditions (either supplies, or sales) improve. My hope is they do because their list price is cheaper than some 2nd hand prices :smiley:

It’s a difficult time to be selling gear at the moment.

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Analog Keys is way underpriced on the 2nd hand market IMO. Probably the best value first gen Elektron synth. I’d say go for it as there’s no point holding out for a new Elektron keyboard product which may never appear.


I offered the speculation that Elektron was doing a poly-aftertouch keyboard machine over in this thread but no one took the bait. ( Please comment there. )

There are a couple of companies working on a poly-aftertouch keyboard product, available soonishly, we just don’t know whom.

The disappearance of stock on the Digitone Keys would match pretty well.

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I would love to see a 16 voice Analog Keys but at the same time wonder how much would it cost? Would I make a u turn and run in the other direction when I see the price? :sweat_smile:

I do think Elektron could produce a well built MIDI/CV controller and sell a lot of them.

  • Quality built like we’re used to from Elektron
  • USB HUB for connecting other Elektron gear
  • Power HUB For powering other Elektron gear
  • Audio interface with CV capability. 8i8o +ADAT
  • A nice display with enough knobs and buttons for fast and easy access with great visuals.
  • Dedicated templates with visuals for Elektron gear (open for users to add more)
  • at least 5 octaves, 3 modwheels and a ribbon controller.
  • Priced under 2000,-

Not gonna happen I know. :stuck_out_tongue:

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As long as it has midi arps, LEDs above the keys and enough external midi tracks I’m in :wink:

Yep, I think I’ll go for it! If they are indeed working on a Digitakt/Octatrack-successor an (unlikely to begin with) new keyboard-based product would probably be pretty far away still…

We can quote you on that then in a month, as famous last words.