Elektron ECC-7 Carry Bag

The Goldilocks of Elektron carry bags. The water resistant black nylon canvas keeps your machines safe and dry whatever the weather.

Adapt depending on your gear-carrying needs courtesy of the main compartment’s flannelette lining, adjustable velcro divider, and interior straps. Included is a removable compartment for PSUs, audio cables, and CF-cards that can be secured inside the bag. Two exterior compartments allow for quick access and tablet storage, while a carabiner hook is available for bottles or keyrings.

Can accommodate one Analog Four MKI, Analog Four MKII, Analog Rytm MKI, Analog Rytm MKII, Machinedrum, Machinedrum UW, Monomachine, Octatrack MKI, Octatrack MKII or two Analog Heat MKI, Analog Heat MKII, Digitakt, Digitone, Model:Samples, Model:Cycles.

Available to buy from Elektron.se today.


Please note that currently, delivery isn’t available for all regions. We’re looking to expand our shipping coverage soon

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Looks like the bag that will carry my OT to the Greek Islands, sooner or later!

Looks like the bag that will make the two ECC-4 I recently purchased pretty shitty bags

It seems an ECC-4 “MKII” rather than a complete redesign.

Just return them if you just bought them and scoop the new.

I mean, it is a bag with similar functionality. Both versions are right-sized for Elektron gear and padded. Honestly, I like the ECC-4 styling better (not a big fan of black clothing/accessories). I wouldn’t worry too much about it, it isn’t like a new iteration of actual music hardware, just a new option for those who don’t yet have a good bag solution.


Is there a room for a laptop?

No. You’ll want the Elektron backpack offering for that.

Is there an elektron backpack?

Thanks . It is really nice…

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