Elektron Drum Machine with Synth


Hey . Can you play a Elektron Drum Machine with a Synth together ? by just connecting them via midi without a mixer or computer ?




You can sync them over midi, but audio and midi are not the same thing. To hear them both without a mixer, the Elektron machine (or synth) would need an audio input that would allow you to monitor audio from both (basically you would run the audio out of the synth into the Elektron).


Yes but doesnt sound that shit ? I try it with my ipad using moog apps and they get comepletely distorted


I cant play chords


I’ve no idea where this thread is going to end up!

I’ve answered the question!





Connect your synth to the machinedrum via the stereo inputs.
If you want to sync both instruments to the MD, you can run the midi out of the MD to the midi in of the synth (in the synth, the clock signal must be selected as “external”, in the MD as “internal”).
Select a track on the MD and put one of the input machines “INP” on it.
The parameter settings allow you to equalize the input signal so that the sound matches that of your imagination.

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MIDI headphones might fix it


That will work for sure, but I’d suggest quadraphonic MIDI headphones if you really care about midifidelity


Make sure the headphones are audio over Bluetooth only! This is extremely important.


DIN sync Airpods are your best bet


can confirm that midi headphone sound resolution from sub to high is next gen. until now monitor headphones were limited in the sub, headphones by nature “corrupted” the mixing due to the close proximity as they are over ear. midi headphones surpasses this with it’s distance settings.

Tealc de based Bison mentioned that using midi audio they discovered that sounds of engines, weapon fire etc in star wars (in all sci-fi actually) is legit after all due to us being able to pick up sound in a vacuum. think it was called parallel aural translation transferring


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Agreed. Just be sure you are using a teletype machine to encrypify the midifiction properlessly




This is not the Elektronauts way ! Fun’s over. Try again op.