Elektron Analog Keys : Is discontinued


When i first heard that it was discontinued i asked support about clarification and they had this to say:

“Yes the Analog Keys is officially discontinued… …The Analog Keys will still be supported and there will be OS updates/bug fixes.”

So it sounds like it will be supported for some time!




Just incidently read this post on the day of the Moog one release…:joy:


I wanna see 4 things on the AK before support is ended as well.

  • The joystick, @Elektron, the joystick! You’re not done with it yet. There had to have been a plan for adding that click action to it. I’m pretty sure that plan was something like…click it to freeze the joystick in its current position, let go, next movement will release it.

  • A note priority mode that gives the lower notes priority when playing the AK as a 4 voice poly synth. Ie If I’m holding a 3 note chord and wanna go nuts with the last note, typically that’s also the higher notes on anything-keys, it’ll kill the chord as it eats thru the voices. There’s many more examples where something akin to this would make sense on a poly synth with 4 voices.

  • Double tapping the HOLD button (or something) to engage a secondary, more typical hold function.

  • Two additional velocity curves that sits in between the existing three. A key function on something with keys is letting key players adapt the keys to their playing style. :key:

  • Brightness control for the display. I know it’s not an OLED display, but being able to lower the brightness regardless, could prolong its lifespan (hey I just this sünth to last forever).

Ok that was 5 things. But all in a days work, right? :stuck_out_tongue:


I keep hoping for signs of a Mk II…


I wouldn’t bet against it.


The first two would be awesome. You probably already no this but there is a ‘half-ass’ solution for holding the joystick position. the position sticks if you swtich to an other track while holding the joy at some angle. this is only good for sequenced bits but more than nothing.

the note priority is a bummer. sometimes I do a split key just for that (half chord/half solo, same patch). for this to work the solo track has to be mono. so its usually track4 or 1 for me and the other 3 is in poly.


Cheers, I’m not sure I’ve ever tried changing tracks while holding the joystick in a position, I can see that one becoming useful for certain things :facepunch:


well it stays where you ‘leave’ the track and it jumps back to 0 when its active again. I’m using it all the time. its a bit tricky though because the previous joystick position might not be relevant for the current track, so you have to be quick. :smiley:

so it looks like this:

  • set joystick
  • swap track while holding the joystick
  • drop the joystick as soon as the new track is active


Thanks, got it. Will try it out later today, sounds like something I ought to be able to manage:-)


awesome to hear this works! the funny part is I have never tried it, even though the Monomachine SFX6 does the exact same thing and (when I had one) I used it all the time! :rofl:


It was a very random fine for me too


Indeed… would make sense actually.


I would jump on a mkii…
In a second…
Im saving for an A4 but would prefer keys…

But i think Electron will gate further releases until OB2 is released. When Heat Mkii was announced there were some folk up in arms about the release of new hardware with software deveolpment lagging so far behind. There was some explaining to do and even if its ready and waiting to go they will wait…maybe…but i do lust after the concept.


Just noticed that a4 keys is listed on legacy products. Was it always there?

Coming soon

Your question doesn’t make any sense, because no product gets “born” as legacy product. The Analog Keys is on this list since a few months.


I don’t think the AK was a big seller. They had to drop the price drastically. Wouldn’t hold your breath for a 2nd


I would jump on a :musical_keyboard: mkii… In a second.

yeah, me too, but only if it retained the joystick, but with click/hold/seq.record ability.
Mk1 “interface” was good as it was, but (bigger) OLED is still better IMO.
Besides, AK Mk1 front ‘panel’ has some free space to spare.

Above mentioned note priority problem is a serious shortcoming, BTW.

Edited to add: lack of dedicated sustain pedal input is a shortcoming, too.


If analog keys wasnt a big seller… Why did they basically repeat that mistake with the Digitone keys?

At the end of the day all of them. MnM keys, ak, and dnk are awesome instruments and im glad they made them. I just dont really have the room for them.