Elektron Analog Keys : Is discontinued


I saw an AK go for £550 two months back. Ridiculous!


it really is a tremendous instrument. very happy I picked one up. had one of the first MnM SFX6’s ever built and it really kickstarted my hardware songwriting workflow. so the AK is taking me back to that, but with analog sounds, and I’m loving it.

would be incredible if they did an MKII version with a larger, tilted screen.


Uh-oh. The AK is my favorite CV-capable keyboard (and one of my favorite modern analog synthesizers) and is a centerpiece in my studio. It’s also the MIDI keyboard I use most to control other synths. I hate to think it’s not going to be sold any longer. I do hope they replace it with a MkII version. In the meantime, i may have to consider buying a second one as a backup.


Sad sad news


no more firmware updates???


can we now change the title?


Would prefer an official word directly from Elektron and not hearsay before title change.


here in spain they have one for 899 euros new


So will it be: “The king is dead, long live the king?”


I logged a support ticket asking this question, here is reply
“Hi David, I’m not sure where you heard this, but the Analog Keys has not been discontinued. We’ll stock spares for several years after production stops. Regards, Fred”


Or is it: “The rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated?”




Maybe you could tell support that the news came directly from someone in their sales dept via email. Sounds like they are a little confused and the left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing!


Why is it that I’m more inclined to believe an active Elektronaut who has built up trust since 2013 vs. some rando sowing doubt who only registered last month? Hmmm… I wonder. :thinking:


My intention was to clear up doubt. This came directly from someone at elektron. Maybe the model is discontinued for sales purposes but still an active product for support.


To clear up any doubt, checking elektron.se shows the AK still in the ”products” section, unlike the other mk I analogs. Guess that answers the question?


Why head for the source when you can indulge in endless speculation? :wink:


It WASN’T Oswald!


Like I said earlier, I think the various dept’s at Elektron just didn’t know what the other depts were up to. Looks like the Keys has indeed been discontinued. Hopefully this means a Keys MKII!:


Does this mean no more updates for AK?