Elektron ambient jams


Hi everyone,

I wanted to share with you all this little ambient jam:

I recently grabbed the A4 Mk2 and am still in the process of integrating it in my modular setup.
I love this machine, it keeps growing on me!

Thanks for listening.

Just Picked Up An A4mkii, Now What?!

Hi everyone,

Here’s another jam using the A4 :)!

I wanted to explore the possibilities of the CV-in macros… Those are seriously fun! Here, I use both CV outputs from the Kommander to control all kinds of parameters.

Thanks for listening!


Hey all,

Another quick sketch! Those brassy tones were really fun to play with.

How are you guys setting up your A4 for ambient stuff?

Thanks for listening.


I really dig your sound :slight_smile:
Funnily enough I have spent the whole morning with the A4 this morning trying to get long evolving soundscape.
Plocking different LFO values on conditional trigs was bringing lots of different flavors.
Also love to plock FX track :smiley: (reverb time makes things come to front and get back in the fog, it’s nice).
I got to dig deeper though.

Really love your sounds, it’s very inspiring.


@LyingDalai Thanks for listening (and for the kind words <3)! Yep sounds good, I think what’s really fun with the A4 - and probably most of the Elektron boxes - is to try and use them in “non-linear” ways. In the end you will always be tied to the tempo… but trying to make it sound like it’s free-running is super fun!

Plocking the reverb is a good idea! I’ll try it out tonight. It also gave me the idea of sending super short clicks to a fully wet track and see how that could be used in combination. Let’s see :grinning:!


Hey friends, here’s another fun jam with the A4 and the modular.

I thought I’d also share this: if you’re thinking of grabbing an A4… go for it! I recently had the opportunity to play live and it was the brain controlling pretty much everything. It all worked out nicely. In fact it was a breeze to not only prepare the set but also perform it.


I’ve not had enough time to really dive into my A4 mkii, but I do love it to bits. Very unlike any synth I’ve ever heard. Your ambient jams are fantastic :slight_smile:


Thanks for listening :). You’ll see, it’s an amazing machine - it can yield some really lovely tones. The CV ins/outs definitely make it shine too.


Hey everyone, here’s a new A4 jam.

Slightly less ambient than the previous ones… but hell this synth is so amazingly flexible <3.
Thanks for listening!


Hey all,

Here’s a quick ambient techno jam using the OT as drum voice. There’s no MIDI involved here, the two machines are completely independent - synced via audio pulse from Klik.

This patch was all about quantisation. Thanks for listening!


Thanks for sharing these. I still haven’t fallen in love with my A4 but this is the type of music I want to get out of it so this tells me that I need to just keep plugging away at it! Love your work!


Here a ambient jams with the Digitakt, used as a pure synth thru pedal-fx and looped (no sequencer):


Many thanks for listening! The A4 is amazing - and quite versatile. Reliable too… I recently started messing with the feedback paths, a whole new world to explore.