Elektroid, a GNU/Linux sample transfer application for Elektron devices

Hi elektronauts!

I’m announcing Elektroid 0.2, a GNU/Linux sample transfer application for Elektron devices. It includes a GUI application and a CLI application.

It has only been tested on a Digitakt but I think it could work with Analog Rytm MKI/MKII, and Model:Samples as well.

I hope Linux users find it useful.


Wow… Got to test this on my Ubuntu !

compiles fine on ubuntu

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I was able to compile successfully on Debian 10 amd64. I don’t have a Rytm or a Digitakt but if it works this removes the last barriers to me getting one!

I have an Octatrack mkI and in my opinion the nearly class-compliant USB implementation on that device was a great decision on Elektron’s part.

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Compiles for me with x86_64 Arch Linux and listing directories and uploading single files works so far. However, the GTK application doesn’t show a window. I’ll open an issue for that with detailed information.

Thanks a LOT for your work! (And shame on Elekron for wasting the time of all the Linux guys for no reason)

Is there something from this application that you cannot do in elk-herd?

You’re welcome! I’m happy to see you’re finding this project useful.
I’ll take a look at your issue.
Thanks for taking the time to test Elektroid!

No, Elektroid is just a FOSS take on Elektron Transfer.
But the main reason I created Elektroid for was that sample uploads were not working for me in elk-herd. It is a known issue with large sysex messages on Linux.

You two could team up and build an Electron (this headless Chromium thingy) app with your native code for Linux with some JS bindings and @mzero’s frontend.

Edit: And if you are interested in earning some money with your hard work, there could (I’m not related with them in any way, just a happy customer) be the possibility of teaming up with the makers of Sononym to provide a very unique functionality. As far as I know, they are planing something like that in the long term.

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Ty very much, sir!!
I will check it on my ubuntu with my DT :slight_smile: