Electro vs. Electronic?

What is the difference between these genres?

Why haven’t I heard of “Electro” music before?

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Very , very open to interpretation question, but Electro is a style of music. Electronic is pretty much all music made with electronics, or software. I would just google this one.


Maybe you’re not old enough!


I’m here for the interpretation!

It’s kinda like asking- what’s the difference between techno and technology. Electro is one one of the early styles of techno dance music.,but Wikipedia would give you a detailed history of it.


I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t want you to receive any mis information. I just call it all techno

Thank you for clarifying! I didn’t think it was rude.


You need an outlandish haircut and a daft name for Electro.
Electronic… no one cares… it what you look like that matters…

To the best of my knowledge…

Electro is a sub-genre of Electronic Music. As Punk is a sub-genre of Rock.

Electro is typically known for the drums being breakbeat, as they would be in hiphop. Usually a higher bpm (130-150) give or take. More melody focused.

Techno is typically 4 on the floor kick drum (boom, boom, boom, boom) in repetition. More rhythm focused.

All this is interchangeable and sometimes things like genres of music just confuse things more. Much music can’t easily fit into one category for instance.





I’d say right from the origins of electro the 808 has been one of the signatures of the sound. As you say, programmed with breakbeat patterns and with a usually minimal palette of synth parts an rarely any vocal in the strictest sense, maybe some vocal snippets here and there. I’ve always thought of electro having a ‘pure’ or ‘clean’ sounds, stripped back with technical syncopated rhythm’s. A sound born of the era, almost a new wave sound.


I’m UK based but I believe Miami was big on the electro front? The Miami sound?

For me, Electro is more in the Sound of the Bassline. Like Acid House has its own Bassline Sound.


Miami Bass.


Yip another strong element. The acid analogy stands even tho the sound is different. It’s beats and bass with a bit of gravy if you like.

One of my all time fave tunes of all genres. Got to be this mix with the scratching


It’s all about Filters. Over the years, different Filters have emerge to give all kind of Music Genres. The type of Wave you choose for the Bassline is important too, generally Saw Tooth Wave. Add Compression and Distortion and you’re done.

This feels very much Electro but then when the kick drum switches up at 1:50, it feels more Techno for a moment.

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Electro (House).

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