Editing a single pattern of a chain

I’ve looked up but found no solution for this.

Say I have a chain looping patterns A1-A2-A3-A4 and I want to edit the sequencer trigs just for pattern A3. Is there a way to focus on this pattern only while maintaining the chain running?

At the moment the only way I’ve found to edit A3 trigs is to wait for the sequencer to reach this pattern and enter the trigs at that precise moment, almost in a sort of live-recording way. That is very uncomfortable as you have to enter them quickly enough before the sequencer moves on to the next bar or pattern.

It kind of kills the chain workflow as a composition process, since you would then need to have all your individual patterns totally ready before chaining them. I can live with that, just want to make sure I’m not missing something. Thanks.

(PS. I’m on Analog Four and Rytm)

Just stumbled on this thread, so it would seem this is a limitation of the machine.

I conclude it’s better to work on single patterns first, making heavier use of probability trigs for example. And then chain them.

Pressing the chain button stops the chain, and works on the current pattern. You could use that to stop the chain from progressing, then pressing it again to resume when you’re done…

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