Edit sample buffer without machine assigned

Hi. Is it not possible to edit my sample in the sample buffer, without first assigning the buffer to a track?

If it is possible. How?

yes possible

don’t have my OT here - my muscle memory (for mk1) says:

func and AB, then func+bank and ‘edit this recording’

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Thats works. But it shows an empty sample buffer. Do I need to chose the track for the buffer I want to edit? Even though the track is not assigned to the buffer?

Yes you can scroll to the buffer within the slot list while on any track and then FUNC + BANK. It seems a few steps more work than going to the track but you may have a use for that route.

A buffer can be assigned to play back on any/several tracks btw


You can edit the active track recording buffer directly with RECAB + BANK (MKI).
I guess REC1 + BANK works for MKII.