E-RM Multiclock + Rytm + OB + Ableton


also wondering if anyone else has managed to get audio via Overbridge + more channels via another audio interface to stream in sync into Ableton (or any other DAW) while clocking both the Elektron and the other external synths with some sample-accurate clock source based on a DAW click track (like USAMO, Multiclock, SyncGen, etc.).

I’ve only heard people being happy with either (a) using something like Multiclock + running ALL audio (including from the Elektrons) through a non-Elektron audio interface, or (b) working Elektron audio via Overbridge into their DAW using manually corrected delay times. the only posts I’ve seen about using Overbridge in combination with USAMO/Multiclock/etc. have reported issues.

so, is there no way to clock an OB-enabled Elektron externally (eg via USAMO or Multiclock) while streaming its audio over Overbridge and getting it to sync with other audio sources? I’ve tried two hacky workarounds to sample-accurate clocking (using either my Squarp Pyramid or my Expert Sleepers FH-1 to generate MIDI clock from pulses produced by an Ableton click track - both actually work) while disabling sync on my Rytm in the Overbridge plugin and trying to clock the Rytm just via this external MIDI, but the Overbridge audio still streams in at a different latency from my other audio interface. I would really like to be able to get Overbridge audio to sync with everything else in this kind of a setup so I don’t have to upgrade to an 18+ channel audio interface…


I face the same problems with Digitakt + Overbridge + Multiclock. Anyone solved this or do I need to sell my multiclock :frowning:


Can imagine Elektron first wants to have a stable working OB before adding extra sync features working side by side the audio over usb.

But I would like to see that implemented too :slight_smile:


Anyone who succesfully streams rytm audio via usb (overbridge) and uses an external clock to sync rytm with ableton?


Yes. OB, no OB, stand-alone, whatever. Don’t sell your Multiclock!! It’s an amazing piece of gear, and I can tell you right now that whatever your set-up, you can most likely make it work with a bit more study about where you are incurring your latencies. I say this because I’ve tried just about every combination of gear I/O you can think of, and have managed to make them all work well … eventually. What I’ve learned is that latency issues are very complicated, and most of the time it’s a combo of settings in Ableton and the Multiclock that get you the result you want. There are many things to consider before giving up:
*Latency of the clock stream
*Latency of whatever additional hw your midi passes through
*Your monitoring- direct, through the daw, mixer, a combo? There are lots of settings in Ableton that can affect this too.
*Processing latency of instruments themselves.
*Latency related to midi notes, which the E-RM cannot correct. Be careful about not mistaking an arp that sounds late or early, as being caused necessarily by a late or early clock stream. It all depends. Follow the various signal paths very closely…

I have a very complicated hybrid set-up and it is perfectly synced. Audio, midi I/O, multiple sequencers, the works. However, the Ableton set is also complicated, and contains a lot of chains with ext instrument devices that are all set with different hw delay settings for different use-cases. My HW-only E-RM based setup is much simpler (and also less flexible). I’m just trying to say whatever you are thinking, it can be done! Stick with it.


Cool, I would like to use the erm for syncing rytm via an audio signal from ableton. Then stream the audio from rytm to overbridge via usb.

Overbridge will not be used to sync the rytm. Have you managed to use overbridge while syncing the rytm with the erm clock?


I have. This was actually my initially intended way of working. BUT - I found that, with this setup, using the older OB, there is a bug that makes it so that pressing certain buttons on the AR (synth, sample, etc) makes the AR’s tempo jump around when the button is pressed. You don’t hear a loss of sync, but you will hear lfos f-up, for example. So I abandoned this method. Elektron confirmed the bug, FYI. I have not used the new OB beta though, so I don’t know if this issue was fixed. Try it and find out! I’ve been thinking about revisiting this setup again, with the new OB. I don’t recall having any other issues than the one I described.


I skipped sleep last night and got it to work! Also routed the minitaur and mfb dominion through the sidechain inputs… really opens up new sounds. Keep you posted if i notice any issues

Ps: used the rytm mkii and new ob


Very cool. Enjoy.


I’m considering getting an ERM multiclock but a bit concerned about reports of the input dying after having a signal sent to it when turned off. I’ve also tried emailing ERM for comment on this but no response to any emails.

I’ve been trying to sync my Rytm from an ES-5 without success. It just keeps randomly stopping. I wondered if it’s a problem with the ES-5 or the Rytm. Anyone else had similar issues with ES-5 that have improved by using ERM Multiclock?