Dumb Waldorf XT question re: editor

Anyone own or owned an XT or XTK?

If so…is the patch editor absolutely needed to get on, or is it fine without?
If needed, is there an editor for current OS X?

Been doing a lot of poking around only to find posts made in 2008/2013.

Thanks in advance.

Yes. XT

XT is laded with knobs, 44 of them no? So you could live without… but… makes stuff a lot easier, especially with regards to wavetables.

You could check out monstrumWaveXT from Monstrum Media


Note: I use my own stuff and things, so can’t comment on anything / any one else(s). In the past I used EMagic’s SoundDiver, but a long time ago.


XT owner here too
i don’t think i’ve ever used a dedicated patch editor for it apart from SoundDiver mentioned by @Rusty; the XT has plenty knobs for editing but yeah, one comes in handy for wavetables and maybe storing those extra patches…in case the internal memory isn’t enough :smiley_cat:

Thanks guys :+1:t6:
@Rusty @guga


XT owner here. never felt a need for anything beyond the many knobs