Dubby House Jam with rytm mk2, digitone, DB4, dominion 1

Hi everyone,

Been a while since I uploaded a Jam. Here I use the Analog Rytm mk2, Digitone, Dominion 1, and Xone:DB4 together to record a dubby house live jam. I recorded the three machines through DB4 into Studio One 4 and used post-processing like EQ and compression to mix everything to be release worthy. Then mastered the result in Ozone 8.

You can download the track here: https://davemech.bandcamp.com/track/planet-wave

Additional info: Since I recorded three tracks separately through Xone DB4 the filter movements don’t get recorded. Only on the total mix. So I used the very good filter by FabFilter: Simplon in studio one 4 to replicate the filter movements I did while live recording. I could have used the stereo mix I recorded as well but then I wouldn’t have been able to make the jam release worthy sound wise. It sounded ok, but not as good after post-processing and mastering. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments!