I really love the DVCO, I’m getting amazing sounds out of it quite quickly. Extremely beefy. But you know what? The issue I’m getting with it is not the DVCO itself, but the filter. With this new machine the characteristics of the filter became much more evident and I could understand and hear it much better. And I found that this filter really like to scream, much more then I thought. A little touch and you are into acid territory. I’m finding a bit hard to get to a more creamy (I know, that word…) filter quality, even in the setting I assume is a 2 pole. So far the best approach to me is to keep the resonance down and a bit of overdrive.


From the manual… perhaps you’re using the “1-pole” to get the mildest result?



One pole?! Wow, even in one pole mode that thing screams!


I got a very convincing teebee line out of the DVCO yesterday. Load up the rytm with 707/727 samples and use the three DVCO voices for teebee sounds, 1988 in a box :diddly:


please share!


Yep, would like to hear too :hugs:


what the secret to the tea&beet sound, tsutek?


boil the beets for about 25 mins, once cooled just sprinkle over some cider vinegar. Yorkshire tea for the tea.


using slides and filter modulation. Find a waveform that combines nicely with the detuned second vco (If you’ve ever layered oscs with an arp odyssey, youll know what I mean, search for the right note intervals!) . Sry forgot the exact settings, not at my rytm ATM.

Once I have plocked a cutoff twiddle, I add slides, and then use the perf macro to control the overall filter cuto for added modulation.

Tea beet? Talking TB-303 here


absolute terrible joke on my part; we’re speaking on the same topic :^)


Ahh, so I was dense then. Carry on gents :nyan:


sounds good, do you have a sound demo? tutorial vid would be even better!


no demos ATM

I can send the synth page params when I get to my rytm if you want


that would be great too!


ok so synth page

-7 35 116 52
0 5 85 40

filter page
0 64 0 64
105 02 LP2 -11

overdrive 11

now add the cutoff modulation with a suitably scaled perf macro with the filter cutoff set as target (apply negative modulation). So then, depending on how hard you press down the macro pad, your filter will close…

remember to use those parameter slides :wink: And plenty of delay & reverb


Can anyone tell me if they are able to get both OSCs in tune when using the “double SAW” setting with first 0sc at 0 and the second one at +48 (+ 1 oct) playing the last 3 or 4 notes of the range available ?
I cant even after calibrating several times.


Can you clarify?
“85” would be for OSC Bal, which is only -64/+63


OSC 2 definitely runs flat up there in the top of the register when it is assigned as either sinesaw, or saw.
I think this should be reported as bug to Elektron.se

In the meantime, until fixed, can p-lock the DET param an additional +1 or +2 when necessary.


You mean you have the same problem ?


Yep. Again, OSC 2 runs flat. Should be reported as a bug.