DT with AUM in IOS not receiving pattern midi

Using Digitakt with Class Compliant USB for midi and audio. Using the AUM app. I can play the chromatic keyboard in DT and hear audio triggered by the midi channel. But when I record and play back a pattern the midi notes are not being sent. Scratching my head. Help appreciated.

Do you have whatever is sending out midi routed to the digitakt in the ‘MIDI Routing’ setup matrix? And on the correct channel set up on that along with in the Digitakt settings?

Yes, checked both in DT and in AUM.

huh! In the DT MIDI Port Config, receive is set to USB (or USB+MIDI), and lower, Receive Notes is enable? That should be everything, if I understand you correctly. You’re sending MIDI out of something in AUM? What are you recording the notes into/playing them back from?

Or perhaps I didn’t understand, and instead you’re saying tracks 1-8 on the DT sequencer aren’t triggering a synth in AUM? In that case I don’t know if it works like that.

Instead, I would copy the trigs from the pattern you want to play out to AUM and paste it into one of the 8 DT midi tracks and use a MIDI track to play external synths. That’s what they are there for!

I am simply playing on the DT and triggering synths set up in AUM via DT chromatic keys, and all is well. But when I record a pattern in DT and play it back, on that same channel the midi is not is not being sent or received in AUM… Maybe its an AUM error, and I should check with a direct connection to an IOS synth.

I just tested using the digitone, as that’s what I have set up right now. In AUM midi routing I set DN to a synth, and on a midi track on the DN, on what would be the SRC page of the Digitakt, I press func and the CHAN encoder to enable MIDI - it defaults to channel 1, and I am both able to play with the keys, and also play back a recorded pattern, both triggering a synth in AUM. If you’re on a MIDI track on the DT, and you did func+Chan to enable midi, I can’t see why it wouldn’t play back the pattern. I’m assuming neither global or track mutes for that track are on? I know if they aren’t getting used, sometimes I accidentally mute one without noticing.

Past all that, I’m out of ideas : /

I’m not at my DT, but I’m almost 100% sure the Function CHAN encoder step is what I missed. It’s been a while, and I had it in my head that if I can play live and hear IOS synths that I was hooked up. Thanks for the help Dreamsaremaps!

Yep! It’s a strange one indeed, I forget it ever time I go to use a midi track but luckily have done it enough now that I remember quickly. That could very well be it!