DT to/from DAW via USB Midi

This was a VERY interesting video for me.

It showed me that you can indeed record midi via USB to/from your DAW with the DT.

I’m using FL Studio 20, and because of this video I gave it another shot. Over the past weeks I’ve been trying to send notes to the the DT VST from OB and that does not work. If you use a Midi Out generator/channel in FLS it works.

Really happy to go play with this, as I needed it for my workflow.

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Hey Gino

How did your journey go? This idea really floats the Digitakt boat for me!

I have lots of MIDI files of my all-time favourite tunes. So the idea to extract the drum parts from these files, then jam the tunes with keys / guitar is awesome for me.

Alas, MIDI editing the different song parts then using a MIDI translator to map to the DK looks like a tonne of effort – so i am curious how this works for you :blush:

Hey Hydra,

No problem, here is an update on this.

I think it’s been working out really well. It took me a while to get the right setup in FL Studio, but I’m very happy with it.

While I don’t premap drums (like the video shows), I definitely export/import midi often.
This may not be what your looking for, but pre-mapping should work just fine.
I might mess with it, because now I’m curious :slight_smile:

Recently I was doing some sound design (just for learning) and needed the notes from Joe Walsh’s “Life’s been good to me so far”. Found it online, imported the midi for the synth bass, added it to my “Midi Notes” on the auto-channel (I use CH16), and then recorded them into the DT.

In this case I wanted to take the DT into another room, so I wanted to go DAW-less for a while.

Other times I want to transpose the notes that are in the DT midi tracks.
It’s a bit tedious to play and record to get the notes back and forth, but it always works for me.

FWIW - Here is the core of my FL Studio setup. In my channel rack I have just the Digitakt VST, Omnisphere, and a Midi OUT generator (called “Midi Notes” in the screen shot).

If you notice the colors, the DT is blue and routed to 10 mixer tracks (1-8, Main, and In)
Omnisphere is red and routed to 8 mixer tracks.
All those mixer tracks are then routed to a submix (“Keys” and “Drums” for red and blue tracks respectively)

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Following up on this, I was able to record drum midi loops into the DT using this NoteMapper tool.


I just assigned the general midi drum notes to the notes that access the kit (staring with C-2), and sent them to my autochannel (CH16) and it worked great.

Typically I just program my beats, but I have to admit that I found some inspiration while bringing in some funk patterns while testing this approach :slight_smile:

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