DT/MPC vs. DAW and the rest of the world

Specifically i was looking to ‘plock’ a step in a simple manner with usually an effect ( like reverb/ time based ). Like FXpansion geist has a per step easy modulation system. Thats all. I knlw i can do it by automation but it would be great to have a drum rack per step easy plock system.
Im not overly up on it all though so forgive my naivety :slight_smile:

I use Ableton and Push 2 extensively and the workflow is great. I pre-ordered DT so I can just play around and get ideas. I would also sample in it for rhythmic stuff, longer more complex samples is where Ableton and Push 2 come into play. I have an A4 which I love and I am just getting my head around it.Again, its great for messing around for ideas and then opening up Ableton with the Push for expanding and integrating with Overbridge. I would also probably use the hardware live rather more extensively than Ableton BUT I don’t intend to get an Octatrak, so I hope it becomes more stable, seems a little glitchy with Overbridge at the moment.
The Elektron gear sounds great and after the learning curve just good fun to play with. The DT will be great to really get beats going and really playing around with the parameters on samples which aren’t always as fun inside a computer. The features I think are quite unique, overdrive, P locks and trig conditions so sequences can be more interesting than the grid an pencil method.
Push 2 is awesome, I just want another piece of hardware which integrates and gives me different work flow. The price for DT is great and I haven’t really looked in to the midi sequencing yet which to me is another huge thing for other out board gear. I may be wrong but Overbridge sync is tight so Ableton running A4 and DT with DT midi sequencing other out board gear I hopefully should only have to worry about audio latency, a big plus.

Cenk’s Superbooth demos I thought should of convinced all this is a great little machine, I am waiting for my shipping confirmation from Elektron excitedly.

it’s a Workflow thing i guess. I would ALWAYS prefer standalone hardware over Ableton Live Controllers because: Although Push seems to come very close, there is still NO controller available that lets me do everything in Live without ever touching it again. And i mean: everything! From the very start i turn the controller on - no matter if Live is already running or not! From every video i’ve seen where are still a few things here and there that force me to turn my head to the computer … i hate that !! :slight_smile:

DT is all hardware and its perfect in its own right with its massive limitations. You cannot compare any Ableton Controller with a dedicated Hardware. Those are different worlds, so why bothering at all? :wink:

What’s MPE?
Why push? I had the original and liked it a lot, and liked the 2 even more. But my hardware setup has changed and now I wish I had a proper itb mixing setup. So basically revisiting my DAW setup at the moment.

Can’t for the life of me remember what MPE stands for but think of Roli and Linnstrument controllers. The latter in particular is sort of what I’d love to see in a future Push iteration. Basically, more expressive midi.

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With MPE, basically each note plays on a different channel (cycling based on polyphony), allowing for pitch bend and after touch per note instead of per channel. Normally pitch bend affects all notes at the same time, MPE allows one note to bend down while another bends up, for example.


Ah I remember the concept now, thx I had forgotten the name.

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I prefer to leave the computer off the equation for a live situation i use it just for recording so.
the DT is my option you can kill the dancefloor with just a small box… and creativity of course
:elan::elan: :smiley_cat::eye: :3lektron:

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Cool thanks for that ill get on that and check it out :slight_smile: