DT mono only output


I’m currently away from my machine looking at a friend’s Vermona Filter Lancet. The FL is mono, could someone confirm that I can plug only the left output from DT and get a summed mono signal out of it?



Just checked - unfortunately not. It’s just L(eft) then. You should be aware of Panning and PingPong Delays.


Thanks, probably smth like this will do the job. Don’t care much about about PP delay or panning, or at least not all the time.image


The only issue with using a cable like that is possible phasing issues. If you use any hard planning on Instruments such as percussion they very well may disappear. The benefit on those cables is to combine 2 mono inputs to a single mono input. You may have better luck with a Behringer micromix (mono line level mixer, real cheap) and avoiding any stereo panning on the DT.


Thanks for the helpful feedback. I guess they geared it like that so one would go with the AH which is stereo.


It’s geared like that because the digitakt is ultimately a stereo machine and not a mono one despite having mono tracks. Panning, ping pong delay, and reverb especially needs the stereo output on the unit.


Sure, though I have stereo gear that still outputs mono on the left only channel. Electribe 2 is one example


Pan everything to one channel. Don’t use ping-pong delay. There is no issue here.

Edit: misread


Sorry. Misread the reasoning about the AH part.


Hard panning everything to a single side would be the easiest way to achieve a “mono” signal from the digitakt.
What are you losing stereo wise when you plug into just the left that you want summed?
Are there sounds that are hard panned right you are losing that you want?


Yes you can. Working with mono gives you two separate outputs that you can run trough separate effact chains.
No need for splitter cable (always a bad idea), just use ordinary TS-TS instead.