DT MIDI channels controlled by MIDI?


I’ve hit a wall in my mind’s eye. I don’t know when I’ll be able to be back at my studio desk.


Thanks. I was actually told that midi external midi not controlling VAL params in midi tracks was a bug.
It was supposed to be fixed with the last OB beta. But it doesnt seem to be werking for me.


sorry to bump, but I think I have stumbled upon the same problem… did you make it work somehow? :frowning:


I submitted a ticket, it was confirmed.
Ill cautiously assume it being werked on.


shit, this sucks balls.
oh well, hope they fix it soon


Hi everyone! I need a little help with a MIDI controller assignment… I would say I’m fairly experienced with this, but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.

My setup: Faderfox UC4 [MIDI OUT] > [MIDI IN] Digitakt [MIDI OUT] > [MIDI IN] Octatrack

My goal: controlling parameters on the Digitakt (done) and also a few other parameters from the Octatrack…

Now, I know that if I wanted to control the OT without any other configuration I would need to use DT’s THRU, but then again, that way I wouldn’t be able to send transpose/tempo control to the OT (and I don’t think I should need a merger for what I’m about to explain).

So what I expected to do (and I’ve remember doing with the OT in the past) is mapping a MIDI CC on a DT track, so I can control the DT, and the DT would control the OT…

in this case, I’ve mapped the OT crossfader - and it works fine when controlling the OT from the DT… but for some reason I can’t get the DT to recieve MIDI from the controller on it’s MIDI tracks. (it’s receiving MIDI on the audio tracks just fine)

my MIDI CH config:
DT audio tracks: 1 - 8
DT Midi tracks: 9-16
DT AutoCH: 9
OT audio tracks:9-16
OT AutoCH: 9

I’ve tried pretty much all channel combinations… and I don’t understand if I’m missing something…

for example: I’ve mapped one knob on Track H on the DT to the correspondent CC for OT’s crossfader (#48), on CH9. I move the enocoder, the OT responds as expected.
Then I map the controller to the exact same control… MIDI CH 9, CC 48… no luck.


Ill check later. But i think mapping the VAL params is broken at the moment. (If CC48 is a VAL param. Im not near my boxes)


When reading the manual carefully receiving of CCs on the MIDI tracks is nowhere mentioned (neither for recording them, nor for realtime re-transmission). You can only program them on the tracks or use the encoders to send them.

So I’ll guess it’s not even a bug, but simply not implemented yet.


It was supposed to be fixed in one of the updates, which i was pretty stoked about. But it didnt werk.
Thats when i made the ticket.


yeah I just assumed it would work since it’s a reasonable feature, and the Octatrack has it.
as @phaelam mentioned, it appears to be a feature that was implemented, but it’s not working yet.


Itll be worth the wait :slight_smile:


update: I made a ticket myself, was told that it was working on 1.11b6
I updated (was on 1.11b4), still no luck. they told me it worked when sending MIDI from Ableton, and that there might be something wrong with my controller… so I did some tests with Ableton, with the same results.
I supplied some video evidence from the tests I did, and I have yet to get a response - I’ll let you know if I get it sorted out.


weird…the reason I made my ticket was…it was said in the last update that that issue had been addressed.

I ran tests. reported exactly what happened. they did the same and confirmed my findings…that it was intact still broken.

so fingers crossed that it will be addressed in the next update. not a deal breaker…but definitely would be nice to have werking.


goddamnit, it works! :smiley:
the Elektron team replied today - here’s the thing: VAL parameters don’t respond to their assignments - they have defined CC numbers, same as the audio tracks.
so instead of targeting the selected CC, one has to use those default values on the ext controller.
my mistake was to google search the manual and clicking in the first link (wich goes to Elektron’s server, btw) wich is an outdated manual - this one doesn’t mention the VAL MIDI assignments anywhere…
here’s the chart for that page, for future reference:

@phaelam I hope this works for you! :slight_smile:
EDIT: I’m on OS 1.11b6, just fyi


Im gonna have to check that. Ive had that manual for some time.

What do mean by

I already knew VAL1’s CC was 70. That had been updated in the manual a while ago. But when i try to set my ext controller to that, nothing happens.
I am on same OS

Im trying to control VAL1 [CC70] on DT from OT. But it wont werk. And i was confirmed by elek.
Lemme check it again. Perhaps i updated from 1.16b5 to 1.16b6 and forgot to check since ive had no reply to my ticket since.
Thanks for pinging me.


oh well my setup is opposite… controlling OT with DT.
so… your setup is controller > DT > OT… does it work when you control it directly form the DT encoders?


Oh ya it sends no problem. I want the VAL params to receive. It was supposed to be fixed two updates ago. Wasnt werking, confirmed…so ill assume its being werked on.


btw, I just spent some time configuring my setup and it seems like a few times I had to restart the Digitakt so it registered the changes… I got so confused that maybe it was my mistake - but if everything SEEMS ok, try turning everything OFF and ON again and see if it fixes anything… otherwise, if you explain your setup in detail (what tracks and parameters you want to control, etc.) I might be able to help you out


One of the things i did…

Reaktor Blocks sending CC70 to DT channel 9 midi track A [VAL1]. No data being recieved.

I used the logic environment to monitor the CC coming from Blocks…i could see it, but nothing was happening to VAL1. I want to control VAL1 from an external source. It is supposed to werk. But does not receive.
All other DT CCs receive data except for all the VAL CCs


YO! sorry I really haven’t had a chance to check this…

just did a simple test. sending an LFO from Blocks to DT, track 9, midi channel 1, CC70…and we have motion on the VAL params. :+1:

thank you @Olle and @Simon and direct it to however fixed it if it wasn’t you guys.
SICK! thanks again.