DT bug reports - OS 1.02

I finally started trying to incorporate the DT into my live set but it gets stuck in it’s pattern when receiving midi from ableton, I wouldn’t say it freezes…more like it gets stuck in play mode. Also, it just randomly drops out and freezes in an unresponsive state. I have to turn it off and then restart it to get it going again. It works great as the stand alone centerpiece. It is not ready to be a part of a pro live set. I write songs with singing and the 64 step pattern is half of what I need…so unfortunately I have to use ableton live still. It is not ready yet. I have OS 1.02 installed…waiting for 1.03.

Every second time i try to load samples from the +drive i get this error and the machine freezes. Just updated to OS 1.02
Anyone else?


Should have read the whole thing. Has been reported before.

it’s working here … but together with midi sync it freezes very often
first it’s working, then after some minutes the midioutput starts to dropout, then DT freezes

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Don’t want to waste anyone’s time here but this is a long thread so apologies if this has already been covered BUT - Func & Sound browser = +Drive Has No Sounds message every time. In fact whenever I try and access the +drive from anywhere it just says it’s empty. I’ve sampled stuff but that’s nowhere to be found and I’ve transferred samples from my mac using C6 “The samples will automatically be transferred to a default directory (if no other is set) “transfers-yymmdd” that is created in the +Drive storage of the Digitakt” says the manual - this doesn’t exist, where are they? Import/ manage sounds just brings up A:001 /////////////////// etc. Either I’m being stoopid or this just ain’t right.

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If you press func+ src followed by func+yes and then keep the func held whilst scrolling, do you still not see anything?.

Func + SRC brings up the 8 Digit sounds; if I keep scrolling using the Level/ Data knob it just reverts to the +Drive Has No Sounds screen.

Did you follow that by pressing func+yes and then hold func whilst using the arrows to navigate. I couldnt fing anything untill I did.

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Remember, there is a difference between Sounds and Samples.
A Sample is the actual waveform, a Sound is a collection of all the parameters and Sample of what you customized.
You can create your own Sounds by loading a Sample and tweaking it to taste and then hit [FUNC] + Pattern(Imp/Exp).
Export Sound and select a slot. This Sound is now stored in the +Drive that keep whining about being empty.
Add some tags for easy access later.

So the +Drive has no Sounds by default, but the +Drive does have Samples.


Today’s DT-boot suddenly shows in- and out port (Digitakt in1, Digitakt out1), but I think there is a kind of ‘crossover’ because Cubase offers the out-port instead of an expected in - i.e. midi-clock target.

Are the +Drive-Samples in 1.02 still missing or do I miss something?

Edit: no crossover, seems normal this in/out crossing, didn’t realize it yet

Edit2: Hooked the DT to an ESI Midi-USB-device, turned off USB-Input so it runs over MIDI only. For safety I disconnected USB. The result is a quite stable DT. Whereas it chrashes at once on a simple Start-Stop via USB it accepts these commands now, I got 3 Midi-channels running including some CC’s.
The DT doesn’t like the slightest change in DAW-setting, i.e. changing a MIDI-channel on an instrument track while it’s running - this freezes the box once the new channel is on.

AHHHHH, scroll left and right with fun held down is yielding results. Cheers

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Thanks man, getting it now. All good and have to say in the last 10 minutes I’ve figured a few things out I thought were bugs but are actually just quirks. Happy customer.


Samples and Sounds are not the same thing. You can view your samples using the sample manager. You need to export sounds from a pattern to make them available as sounds to be used in other kits / patterns. Samples you transfer should end up in the “incoming folder”

right now the most stable setup is had by having the dt sent out no midi notes at all. i played with mine as part of a live set for hours last night while it was slaved. no crashes.

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you like to live dangerously :smiley:

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it can be clocked but there is a bug right now in 1.02 that it can’t send midi notes while clocked. if it’s master it’s apparently fine.

found a bug:
when in the Global Mutes Track16/MidiH is muted the Mutes are not stored when powering the machine down and up again - in that case in comes up with all tracks unmuted

bug is reported

Is this pattern mute as well? Do we know if global mutes are supposed to be saved?

the globals mutes a restored nicely (as on all other Elektron machines) - unless Track 16 is muted too

the pattern mutes are not affected , they are working as expected