DT bug reports - OS 1.01

BUG - still getting random crashes when simply letting a pattern play, but when it crashes, even though ive saved the patter, pad 4 always defaults to one of the hats “sample #4” from the internal samples that it shipped with?? really crazy.
All the rest of the pads save to the state I saved them in with the correct samples and settings.

BUG - to repeat… this constant crashing is getting really annoying. no its not hot, and yes im using the correct power supply into a moster power 3500 conditioner, and yes it screams an annoying loud high pitched buzz when it crashes and the screen freezes.

OK soooo i may be ranting a little, but this is literally the 9th crash today. Its just not a usable unit so I’ll probably have to submit a ticket or return it.
Anyone else with this much crashing? I see a few folks having issues, but how often?

Got my unit today. Only one crash (hang) so far while trimming and trying to save a sample. Hang tight… pretty sure it’ll get better soon enough.

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About one crash per hour, of different kinds.

The record button has started sticking to the metal housing when I press it. It sticks for about half a second then pops back up. Bad sign, could it be getting loose already? Wasn’t centered properly in production?

It sticks worse depending where I press it. If i press it on the left it sticks longer, if I press it down on the right side it doesn’t stick at all.

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See: Anyone have pads that stick?

  • when you turn the level/data encoder while holding a trig button, like trying to dial in a p-lock, the unit says lock-memory full. (???)

Forgive the repetition but I just need to voice my frustration about the encoders. Some settings, notably sample play mode, are just ridiculously hard to dial in the setting. Sample play mode the encoder travels with no response before skipping far too quickly past the options. Also sample selection menu scrolls far too quickly through the list.

I noticed this when I played with the demo unit at Superbooth and I just assumed that maybe that unit had taken a battering or something.

I know it’s due to be fixed in next OS but I am slightly concerned it might be a lack of consistency in hardware issue, as I don’t see how anyone involved in testing can have thought this was how the encoders should feel.

EDIT: all this said, I must say I’m very happy with the Digitakt and I much prefer the simplified workflow vs Octatrack which I owned previously.

^ this is definitely a software thing… just couldn’t get it done in time I guess

Hope so. The same encoder does seem to work fine for different menu items. Just needs some more thoughtful calibration of the responsiveness when scrolling through menu with 4 options vs menu with 127 options.

It sounds strange that they could mess the encoder behavior in software. As it happens when samples are involved, could it be that somehow Digitakt CPU can’t keep up with the changes the encoder is trying to do to the samples? If that is the case, it could be difficult to fix in software.

Weird about these encoder issues is that Cenk mentioned in several of the Superbooth marketing videos that the new encoders are better and more precise than the old ones. Kinda weird to be marketing the unit with that claim when the encoders seem to act far worse at the moment (I have never had issues with the encoders in my A4, they feel very precise to me).

yea I can see how it gives the impression of computery lag… but really I’m 100% sure it’s just how the software uses the information from the encoders. It seems to be a more complicated implementation than before.

For example, sample playback mode:
You need to turn the encoder with a certain speed above a threshold until it selects the next mode. Usually, you will end up turning so fast that you will skip a few modes… this of course doesn’t feel right.

With the older encoders it was probably simpler, you could just advance one step on each tick received from the encoder, or something.
It just needs fine tuning.

If you power into test mode, you can move a little bar around the screen with the encoders and it’s perfectly fine there.


same here

they confirmed already they are working on it until it’s perfect … there will already be some improvement in 1.02

This has all been posted already. We need a list of bugs…

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I try to wrap my head around this buggy product.
Yes, it is lurking… definitely, but…

This is your third post with the same sentiment in this thread, it’s better off in one of the other few general threads on perceptions of DT and its release

Let’s leave this thread primarily for owners who are helping get the bugs fixed by reporting and discussing 1.01 bugs here, everything beyond that, especially when it’s not even constructive, only adds to the noise and serves nobody


So we now have 1.02

Anyone try to upgrade yet? Release notes look encouraging.


Sweet :facepunch:
and my DT arrived today, just in time for 1.02

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