DT bug reports - OS 1.01

New elektron user here, got mine yesterday and spent the day trying to get to grips with the basics. Is it a bug that the control all does’nt work on the delay and reverb sections?. Also I have found that when I use an lfo on the start point of a sample it freezes with a whine and needs to be rebooted, no external connections or midi cables attatched. Had a couple of random bpm hicups too, changes to 120 and then after a while goes back to the correct rate, its possible that I pressed the left or right arrow by mistake if that matters, Love the lay out and the sound but the encoders are making selections of some things like play direction almost unusable, how cenk managed to make adjustments in those demos is beyond me.
Another odd thing that may not be a bug, when you are scrolling through the source menu for sounds for a track, if you stop moving to audition a sound the menu dissapears meaning you have to keep tweaking the knob to bring it back up, it may be that when the encoders are dialled in and controllable, using funcion+ yes in combination with the encoder will work better but at the moment the up down arrow keys are more servicable but require a third hand to bring the menu back up.

Nah, keep. Just don’t send it MIDI until the next update. In the meantime, just plug it in and enjoy playing live on it, it sounds great, and it’s so fun to constantly tweak live.

Since there is only one delay and one reverb, no, control-all doesn’t work on those sections because there is no “all” to control.


Yes, but what does bug out right now is the save/reload pattern for reverb and delay - the settings snap back to saved values, but the effects themselves don’t.

For the it’s not a bug, I think there’s 2 BPM, the global one and by pattern. This mean you can play each pattern with a different BPM and having a global BPM for the whole project. Let’s me know if I’m wright :wink:

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In chromatic mode, I can’t get live recording to start. Have to turn chromatic off, hit rec+play to start live record, then switch back to chromatic mode before the pre-roll ends.

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Noticed this one earlier too.

hm. Trying to reproduce this one, but can’t…

It’s hit and miss - not sure what the circumstances are that causes it.

is here anyone who’s not having any freezing issues when the DT is midi-synced?
One guy in another Forum saying his DT is running fine in Slave mode .

I saw someone in this thread mention that one of the bugs is going to be patched in 1.02. I can’t find ANYTHING about 1.02 Is there any resources on this from elektron?

all we know that it’s supposed to come out soon … I read on their website they are out of office until Wednesday … so I hope for this week

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The only bug I saw referenced to be fixed in 1.0.2 is the finicky encoders. It was also said that 1.0.2 is coming very soon.

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One of the Elektron guys said it would come, im always certain he said the word soon.

edit: Introducing Digitakt

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they better fix the midisync stuff soon … I don’t know about you , but for me it’s an essential part of the workflow and I can’t fully use the DT without


I do think this one is a clear priority, it’s a bit of a deal breaker!

BUG - still getting random crashes when simply letting a pattern play, but when it crashes, even though ive saved the patter, pad 4 always defaults to one of the hats “sample #4” from the internal samples that it shipped with?? really crazy.
All the rest of the pads save to the state I saved them in with the correct samples and settings.

BUG - to repeat… this constant crashing is getting really annoying. no its not hot, and yes im using the correct power supply into a moster power 3500 conditioner, and yes it screams an annoying loud high pitched buzz when it crashes and the screen freezes.

OK soooo i may be ranting a little, but this is literally the 9th crash today. Its just not a usable unit so I’ll probably have to submit a ticket or return it.
Anyone else with this much crashing? I see a few folks having issues, but how often?