DT bug reports - OS 1.01

You encountered something wrong and want to check if other can replicate it ?
Here is the place.

Doesn’t replace a support ticket, of course, but you might want to check if it’s not a feature before declaring a bug :wink:

(Ninja edit: please report all bugs via the Support Tickets section on Elektron.se)


MIDI ⇒ freeze reported here


Had the exact same issue with midi. Froze high pitched sound and since I did not save the project I lost 10 patterns and 6hours worth of data :frowning:.


Just so I know for when I get my DT, what is standard procedure for filing bug report tickets to Elektron?

Create an account on their site elektron.se and under your profile there should be a section for support tickets. I believe you would send it through there.


If it’s called a bug that the non-saving of the pattern before a start duo;
and it is stipulated in the manual that the backup savish is necessary for a syncronization, then we can not talking about a bugg of the machine

isn’t it?

Early startup menu in OS 1.01 seems to be missing. Powering up the DT while pressing FUNC does nothing.

Contrary to the manual, the early startup menu can be found when holding TRK (instead of FUNC) and powering up the unit.

Edit II
Forget it, Elektron just switched the FUNC and TRK buttons on my machine. So it’s a hardware bug, not the software :wink:


Midi Freeze is becoming a big issue for me. It happens about every 15 minutes now and even if I save my current patten and project it wipes everything from the memory. I assume someone already sent a ticket for this but I submitted one just in case.


Try to set it as master, it occurs less often.
Save your project, and take the good habit to save the pattern each time it’s ok to your ear.

And drop a ticket to the support :slight_smile:

Yeah I constantly save everything but when this happens it does not matter it always wipes away the current pattern for me (sometimes multiple patterns). The only work around is you have to save it and turn the machine off and back on then it will revert to the save since you last turned the machine on. Obviously this is far from ideal.

Thanks for letting me know about using digitakt as master I guess I’ll have to do this until they get it fixed.

anyone else notice that MIDI trigs that have more than one note on them don’t keep all the notes when copied to another step?

Func+Yes preview also rarely works for me, especially after some sampling from the input.

I’ve also seen some crashes while the DT is Normalizing samples.

The DT definitely crashes when you try to slave it to MIDI clock.

I don’t know if it’s close from yours, but I had a Midi track with a sequence, and shifted the notes with Func + arrows.
When the note arrives on the first step I get an octave up (or two), it’s definitely not consistent.
I have to reproduce it on a new project before declaring this but it was really weird…

Had a lot of crashes/freezes when transferring samples from +drive to the project.

I just got my Digitakt and when I choose Function Level to access the Sound Browser it says “+Drive has no sounds”. I know this is supposed to ship with 400 sounds, am I doing something wrong or is this a bug?

You’re checking sounds not samples.
Try pressing the settings menu and select samples. :thup:


OK, thanks. I still only see the 81 samples in RAM, but I’m guessing there is a way to get to the other samples. Sorry to clog up the bug thread with this.

EDIT: OK, I’m sorted now. Mods, since this isn’t a bug, feel free to delete. Sorry.

Yes indeed, you have to go to +Drive and load them in the current pool.
Check the manual for more info :slight_smile:

I let your messages here, it might serve someone else !


Don’t worry; this is a place to ask others for confirmation before actually reporting a bug to Elektron. If it becomes necessary, we will just move the question and answer elsewhere.


I had this issue, too. The replies helped. It’s a keeper.

Func+Yes does not preview recordings at all. This is even after I upgraded to 1.01.

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