DSP - SYNCUSSION SY1 Sound Pack Release

Hello all! If there is any gear you would like to be featured in a DSP release, let me know in the comments!

The first Dataline Sound Pack (DSP) features 100 samples from the classic Syncussion SY1 drum synthesiser. These samples were recorded using both of the SY1 oscillators as layers. Analog Rytm sending 2 individual trigs, at the same time, to the 2 Syncussion channels. Both of these channels would be mixed and sampled in the Rytm.

To celebrate these samples, I have made exclusive patterns to some good old machines - which are featured in the video as audio examples and bundled with the DSP:SYNCUSSION SY1!

The DSP: SYNCUSSION SY1 includes,

  • 100 Royalty Free One Shot Samples at 16Bit 48Khz
  • 8 Patterns for Polyend Tracker, Digitakt & Analog Rytm

Download at: https://dataline.bandcamp.com/album/dsp-syncussion-sy-1


Nice one / welcome back.

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Thanks :)) i have always been here, before elektron and even after, best place on internet!


Some really great sounds here!

What’s on offer? :slight_smile:

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Instant buy! A Pulsar 23 sample pack for the next one :slight_smile: ?


Good call! Would most definitely pick that up!

Wonderful work on the Syncussion pack, will buy that over the weekend!

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what did you use for those cool orange blobular visuals??

i’ve been waaaay into video synthesis lately and these are cool visuals

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Ahhaaaa Pulsar23 Pack you say :))) HMMMMM! I think it could be good one! However, I think the Pulsar really shines when it is using its own messed up sequencers n modulators :slight_smile: But yea, I will think about that and, considering that Pulsar is a hard unit to come by, could be a useful pack out there for you all!

Glad you like the GFX! Ill come back to you about some details!

Well there are plenty of music machines and game consoles here :))


Keep making sound packs of stuff that is not currently in production!


That definitely is one of the main pillars of DSP!


Yo Dataline! Hope you are doing fine!

Maybe you could make little stems of some of your Octatrack live loops. And maybe even including some scene changes in it? Could be used for granular synths…

well…from the Human Comparator’s clone of the classic, to be pedantic :crazy_face:

either way, it obviously sounds fantastic! thanks for sharing and I look forward to seeing what other machines you do!


…all fine…

but hey…it’s time for dataline vs dead dandee and some qualitytime with glamping…

call mee…

Plz no samples: custom crafted new sounds! Rytm, A4 etc :heart:


Mnm fm glitch sounds plz

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I’d love some vermona drm mk4 samples. If anyone has them on offer, please let me know. Thank you!

Nice dude this sounds really cool!

Hell YES Rytm “machine-only” sounds ! And sample them for Digitakt (or other sample players) owners.

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Agreed! Quirky digital sounds, new and/or vintage!

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