DSI evolver MD sync problems



Trying to figure out a sync issue. I use MD in tandem with a dsi evolver in order to switch programs and send ccs. However, I experience a bit of latency which makes the whole setup less useable — if evo’s clock is not exactly synced to MD, makes setup unusable. Interestingly, I do not have this problem with Octatrack.

the reason why I’m posting is because I have a friend with a similar setup (MD+evo) and they do not experience similar problems. I have an MDUW Mk1



Here, MD UW mkii+EVO =no problemo
Did you check the OS of MD ?
Your friend has a mki or mkii ?


they have MK1 and MK2. both work. not sure what OS i have and im away from my MD atm…


Hi i use the Evo Keyboard withLatest Mono Evolver OS — Main v2.2/DSP v3.4 + MDUW MKI 1.63 without any latency problems.


I had issues with my desktop having sloppy timing with anything driving it for years and just accepted it, however a couple of months ago I saw a suggestion to check that polychain isn’t enabled and it was. Disabling it improved things a lot, although it’s still not quite as tight as I’d like with the OT, but is great when using a DAW clock to drive it. I drive my entire setup via Cubase or Bitwig these days most of the time.

Might not be related to your issue but thought I’d mention it. Many years ago I tried polychaining with a friends and obviously never switched it off…