Drum Walktrough & Pattern


can anyone tell me the drum walktrough & pattern for this track.

like what drums were used and bpm & effects & the virtual instrumentals etc…

here is the audio link -

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I counted the beats from 48 sec to 1:48 sec and come to around 90. That makes around 90 beats per Minute if that makes any sense :slight_smile:

Ok the bpm is 90.

What the drum pattern in 64 grids.

Eg … kick kick snare kick …etc

Anyone ?

Maybe build a pattern, experiment and try and match it?

Finding it abit hard.

That’s why asking.

Now you’ve got the bpm play the track with a metronome and listen to individual elements, just focus on the kick for a start and figure out where it goes between 1,2,3 and 4, not in a condescending way at all but do you understand how to count beats/bars? If not it’s the most fundamental thing you’ll need to learn to make music. I’m sure many here will give you help towards learning valuable skills but not so much just giving a breakdown of drums, patterns, vsts, fx etc

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Didn’t listen to the track, but you could cut and loop sections of that track in your DAW and then let the DT run along.
Makes it easier to match the drums.

You just have to figure out where the intro ends, where the main drum part starts, where are breaks etc.
All the different sections.

Then listen closely how many bars until the drums loop again and cut those out and loop them.

Set your DAW to the right BPM and the whole process of cutting and looping should be pretty easy.

You can also zoom in and look at the waveform, set the grid to 1/16th.
Each 16th is one step on the DT.

A grid like this will help …

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Acoustics drums is very difficult to write is patterns on midi track but in this case, this pattern is quite easy and short!
You can take the sample, put it in Ableton, Warp it up to get a stable tempo and then convert drum (your drum sample) to a new midi track.
It will be not perfect but you just have to play it in repeat mode and try to put the beat on the right place.
Is up to you if you want to get it and you can do this is a hour or less

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Step sequenced please.

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nobody will do it for you buddy. @unbesbai has written the solution. If you don;t have Live just load the sample into DAW and work it out yourself if you need this pattern so much. :thinking: