Drum sounds broken? [solved]


I got a used sps-1 mk II recently.

I tried all the Trig keys and all of them worked - except for three of them… Nr 3 (HT), 4(MT), and 13 (M1).
If I just try to trigger them normally, nothing happens. No sound, and the LED above is not lighting up. If I select them with the sound selection wheel and try to make a pattern with one of them… nothing happens.

However I can use for example a bass drum sound and make a pattern using those three keys and I will hear the bass drum sound. So the keys themselves are not broken. But why are these three drum sounds not working? Any ideas?


I guess these tracks are muted. :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, but how do I unmute them? I’m a real beginner here :slight_smile:


Fn+Mute button


can’t find those keys. Where are they?


Okay, got it! Thank you!


did the drum sound broken into two halves?


Nice one! :smiley: